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Canadian Doubles, Slalom, Men

Date 2 August 2012
LocationLee Valley White Water Centre, Waltham Cross
Participants28 from 12 countries

The Hochschorner twins, Pavol and Peter, were the overwhelming favorites to take gold in the men’s C-2 slalom, having won it in the last three Olympics and the last four World Championships. In the preliminary round they had two of the three fastest times, although they were edged out by the French duo of Gauthier Klauss and Matthieu Peche for the fastest overall. The Hochschorners came in second in the semi-finals to David Florence and Richard Hounslow of Great Britain, but this was due only to a two-second penalty incurred by hitting a gate on the way down. Timothy Baillie and Etienne Stott, also of Great Britain, edged into the finals by placing sixth, thus ensuring that the crowd of 12,000+ hometown spectators would be roaring from start to finish.

As it turned out, however, Baillie and Stott set a bar for the race that was never surpassed. The winds at the Lee Valley White Water Centre picked up during their run and began to sway the gates, making the course more difficult for all subsequent paddlers. Aside from Florence and Hounslow, all the other teams hit at least one gate on their way down and, for the Hochschorner twins, this was costly: without the two-second penalty, they would have taken the gold medal. As it happened, however, the Hochschorners had to settle for bronze after an excellent run by Florence and Hounslow gave Great Britain the top two spots, the first time that this had happened in the event (although in the inaugural 1972 competition, East and West Germany ranked first and second respectively). The fans were cheering and the entire British team, including their coaches, jumped into the water to celebrate.

13-A/3-BTim Baillie / Etienne StottGBR101.08 (7)110.78 (6)106.41 (1)Gold
26-A/6-BDavid Florence / Richard HounslowGBR100.44 (4)108.93 (1)106.77 (2)Silver
31-A/1-BPavol Hochschorner / Peter HochschornerSVK97.52 (2)109.04 (2)108.28 (3)Bronze
45-A/5-BGauthier Klauss / Matthieu PéchéFRA96.98 (1)109.27 (3)109.17 (4)
54-A/4-BPiotr Szczepański / Marcin PochwałaPOL101.00 (5)109.81 (4)110.51 (5)
69-A/9-BHu Minghai / Shu JunrongCHN99.05 (3)110.70 (5)112.85 (6)
77-A/7-BJaroslav Volf / Ondřej ŠtěpánekCZE104.00 (8)112.22 (7)
82-A/2-BLuka Božič / Sašo TaljatSLO101.08 (6)113.50 (8)
914-A/14-BVavřinec Hradilek / Stanislav JežekCZE106.91 (9)115.50 (9)
1010-A/10-BKynan Maley / Robin JefferyAUS107.47 (10)162.14 (10)
118-A/8-BDavid Schröder / Frank HenzeGER107.50 (11)
1213-A/13-BEric Hurd / Jeff LarimerUSA109.78 (12)
1312-A/12-BPietro Camporesi / Niccolò FerrariITA111.55 (13)
1411-A/11-BMikhail Kuznetsov / Dmitry LarionovRUS112.36 (14)

Qualifying Round

Date2 August 2012 — 13:30
FormatTwo runs. Total points determined placement. Top 10 advanced to semi-finals.
Downstream gates16
Total gates22
Upstream gates6
PosOrdPairNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
110Gauthier Klauss / Matthieu PéchéFRA96.9896.98 (1)151.03 (12)Q
214Pavol Hochschorner / Peter HochschornerSVK97.5297.52 (2)98.60 (1)Q
36Hu Minghai / Shu JunrongCHN99.05103.36 (5)99.05 (2)Q
412David Florence / Richard HounslowGBR100.44108.23 (10)101.08 (=4)Q
511Piotr Szczepański / Marcin PochwałaPOL101.00105.58 (7)101.00 (3)Q
613Luka Božič / Sašo TaljatSLO101.08102.82 (4)101.08 (=4)Q
79Tim Baillie / Etienne StottGBR101.08100.44 (3)102.79 (6)Q
88Jaroslav Volf / Ondřej ŠtěpánekCZE104.00104.00 (6)150.87 (11)Q
91Vavřinec Hradilek / Stanislav JežekCZE106.91106.91 (8)– (DNS)
105Kynan Maley / Robin JefferyAUS107.47113.96 (13)107.47 (7)
117David Schröder / Frank HenzeGER107.50107.50 (9)107.79 (8)
122Eric Hurd / Jeff LarimerUSA109.78112.91 (12)109.78 (9)
133Pietro Camporesi / Niccolò FerrariITA111.55120.64 (14)111.55 (10)
144Mikhail Kuznetsov / Dmitry LarionovRUS112.36112.36 (11)155.59 (13)


Date2 August 2012 — 13:30
FormatOne run. Top six advanced to final.
Upstream gates6
PosOrdPairNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
14David Florence / Richard HounslowGBR108.931:48.930Q
29Pavol Hochschorner / Peter HochschornerSVK109.041:47.042Q
310Gauthier Klauss / Matthieu PéchéFRA109.271:49.270Q
46Piotr Szczepański / Marcin PochwałaPOL109.811:49.810Q
58Hu Minghai / Shu JunrongCHN110.701:48.702Q
67Tim Baillie / Etienne StottGBR110.781:50.780Q
73Jaroslav Volf / Ondřej ŠtěpánekCZE112.221:50.222
85Luka Božič / Sašo TaljatSLO113.501:51.502
92Vavřinec Hradilek / Stanislav JežekCZE115.501:53.502
101Kynan Maley / Robin JefferyAUS162.141:50.1452

Final Round

Date2 August 2012 — 15:18
PosOrdPairNOCTotal TimeTimePenalty Seconds
11Tim Baillie / Etienne StottGBR106.411:46.410
26David Florence / Richard HounslowGBR106.771:46.770
35Pavol Hochschorner / Peter HochschornerSVK108.281:46.282
44Gauthier Klauss / Matthieu PéchéFRA109.171:47.172
53Piotr Szczepański / Marcin PochwałaPOL110.511:48.512
62Hu Minghai / Shu JunrongCHN112.851:50.852