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Trap, Men

Date8 – 11 July 1908
LocationUxendon Shooting School Club, Brent, London
Participants31 from 6 countries
FormatFirst stage (8-9 July) - 30 clays at known traps and unknown angles in two rounds of 15 clays; Second stage (9 July) - 20 clays at known traps and unknown angles in two rounds of 10 clays; Third stage (11 July) - 30 clays, 20 at known traps and unknown angles in two rounds of 10 clays, followed by 10 clays at unknown traps and unknown angles. Best 50% and ties advanced to the third stage.

The Official Report noted that “wretched weather conditions prevailed” for this event, describing heavy rain, high winds, and poor light. The shooting area had been constructed so that July sunlight would not be in the eyes of the shooters. But in the poor light, it was difficult to see the dark shooting clays, so they were marked with white, giving them a “magpie appearance.”

The competition began on Wednesday, 8 July with the first stage. A 3-way tie for first place resulted after that stage between Charles Palmer, Richard Hutton, and John Postans. The next day, the Canadians lodged an objection against the previous days’ scores and were allowed to shoot again. Postans subsequently withdrew, and did not shoot the 2nd or 3rd stages. The reason is not given in the shooting magazines, but it was presumably in anger over the Canadians being allowed to re-shoot. Canada’s Walter Ewing scored 27 in the re-shoot of the second day to take a lead he never relinquished. He had the top score in all three stages. Ewing used an American Lefever gun with Winchester factory-loaded Leader shells. For his victory, in addition to a gold medal, he was awarded Lord Westbury’s Cup, which was presented specially for the winner of the individual clay trap shooting.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsStage One PointsStage Two PointsStage Three Points
1Walter EwingCAN72271827GoldOR
2George BeattieCAN60211722Silver
=3Alexander MaunderGBR57211422Bronze
=3Anastasios MetaxasGRE57211422Bronze
=5Charles PalmerGBR55231220
=5Arthur WestoverCAN55211222
=7Bob HuttonGBR53231020
=7John WilsonNED53201320
=7Mylie FletcherCAN5322922
10Frederic MooreGBR52211120
11George WhitakerGBR5118924
=12David McMackonCAN50191417
=12John PikeGBR50221216
14Cornelis VirulyNED48181317
=15Eduardus, Baron van Voorst tot VoorstNED47181415
=15Franciscus, Baron van Voorst tot VoorstNED47191315
=17Henry CreaseyGBR4622915
=17Percy EasteGBR46181117
19Gerald MerlinGBR45181017
=20George VivianCAN44161018
=20William MorrisGBR44101222
22Reindert de FavaugeNED291811
23Émile BéjotFRA281810
24John ButtGBR261511
25Alf SwahnSWE22139
26Jacob LaanNED21138
=27Frank ParkerCAN19145
=27Edward BenedicksSWE19136
ACJohn PostansGBR23
ACErnst RosellSWEUNK
ACRudolph, Baron van PallandtNEDUNK