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Free Pistol, 50 metres, Men

Date 2 August 1920
LocationKamp Beverlo, Beverlo
Participants33 from 9 countries
Format50 metres. 60 shots. Individual possible 600. Team competitors could allow their score to stand for the individual match.

The United States loaned the Brazilians a new Colt .22 for this event. Afrânio da Costa used the borrowed pistol and some UMC ammunition to place second in this event. The champion was Karl Frederick who later captained the 1948 U.S. Olympic shooting team and eventually served as President of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Vice-President of the U.S. Revolver Association. The defending champion from Stockholm, Al Lane, placed third.

1Karl FrederickUSA496Gold
2Afrânio da CostaBRA489Silver
3Al LaneUSA481Bronze
4Laurits LarsenDEN475
5Niels LarsenDEN470
6Anders AnderssonSWE467
7Paul Van AsbroeckBEL466
=8Iason SappasGRE464
=8Casimir ReuterskiöldSWE464
10Ioannis TheofilakisGRE462
ACGunnar GabrielssonSWE460
ACGeorge FiskeUSA458
ACRay BrackenUSA456
ACGuilherme ParaenseBRA456
ACSebastião WolfBRA454
ACLars Jørgen MadsenDEN450
ACSigvard HultcrantzSWE450
ACAnders JohnssonSWE448
ACGerard van den BerghNED445
ACAntoine BouwensNED444
ACKlaas WoldendorpNED443
ACEinar LibergNOR442
ACDario BarbosaBRA441
ACJames BoaCAN438
ACOluf Wesmann-KjærNOR434
ACHoward BaylesUSA430
ACGeoffrey LehainCAN429
ACFernando SoledadeBRA424
ACOtto PlantenerDEN419
ACCarl PedersenDEN413
ACChristian Andersen (Bøtø)DEN407
ACCornelis van AltenburgNED397
ACHerman BouwensNED394