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Hammer Throw, Men

Date18 August 1920
LocationOlympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Participants12 from 5 countries

The championship was supposed to be decided between Matt McGrath, the 1912 Olympic champion, and Paddy Ryan, both “Irish Whales” from the United States. Between 1908 and 1926, Ryan or McGrath won 15 of the 19 AAU Championships, with Ryan winning eight and McGrath winning seven. But McGrath injured his knee in the second round and had to withdraw. This left Ryan unchallenged and he won easily. Ryan did not approach his own world record of 57.77 (set in 1913), nor did he challenge McGrath’s Olympic record of 54.74. All qualifying marks were carried over to the final round.

Some sources state that Tom Nicolson arrived late and did not compete in the qualifying and a petition by the other contestants allowed him to compete in the finals. Gazet van Antwerpen states that Nicolson qualified for the final by throwing in a special trial later in the afternoon. Thus, it would seem that there were seven athletes advanced to the final, instead of the original six, as the rules stated. Although Nils Linde was then seventh in qualifying, he did compete in the final, per Dalpilen, a Falun (SWE) newspaper. Eventually, only six athletes competed in the final as McGrath withdrew after injuring his knee. His qualifying mark was carried over to the final, which allowed him to place fifth.

1229Paddy RyanUSA52.830 (1)52.875 (1)Gold
2599Carl Johan LindSWE48.000 (3)48.430 (2)Silver
3134Basil BennettUSA48.230 (2)48.230 (3)Bronze
4625Malcolm SvenssonSWE47.290 (4)47.290 (4)
5174Matt McGrathUSA46.670 (5)46.670 (5)
6414Tom NicolsonGBR45.700 (AC)45.700 (6)
7600Nils LindeSWE44.885 (6)44.885 (7)
8 r1/2159James McEachernUSA44.700 (8)
9 r1/273Archie McDiarmidCAN44.660 (9)
10 r1/2602Robert OlssonSWE44.190 (10)
11 r1/2279Johan PetterssonFIN41.760 (11)
AC r1/270John CameronCAN– (NM)

Qualifying Round (18 August 1920 — 10:45)

Top six finishers advanced to the final.

1Paddy RyanUSA52.830Q
2Basil BennettUSA48.230Q
3Carl Johan LindSWE48.000Q
4Malcolm SvenssonSWE47.290Q
5Matt McGrathUSA46.670Q
6Nils LindeSWE44.885Q1
ACTom NicolsonGBR45.700q2
8James McEachernUSA44.700
9Archie McDiarmidCAN44.660
10Robert OlssonSWE44.190
11Johan PetterssonFIN41.760
NMJohn CameronCAN

Final Round (18 August 1920 — 15:30)

1Paddy RyanUSA52.875
2Carl Johan LindSWE48.430
3Basil BennettUSA48.2303
4Malcolm SvenssonSWE47.2904
5Matt McGrathUSA46.6705
6Tom NicolsonGBR45.7006
7Nils LindeSWE44.8857