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Ice Hockey, Exhibition (Match #1), Men

Date 5 February 1932 — 14:45
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationJames C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval, Lake Placid
Participants24 from 2 countries
RefereeDonald SandsUSA
RefereeWilliam MaceUSA

In addition to the standard ice hockey tournament at Lake Placid in 1932, there were five exhibition matches played. In the first match a McGill University team defeated the Canadian team, 2-0. The McGill team technically was mixed as it added one British player, Jock Riddell, to its squad.


McGill UniversityMIX2002
Canada 2CAN0000


TimeScoreNatScorer (assists)Situation
5:05 (1)1 – 0Nels Crutchfield
14:50 (1)2 – 0Nels Crutchfield


? (1)2Norm Malloy
? (1)2Roy Henkel
? (2)2Foster Woolley
? (3)2Russ Ward

McGill University

PosNrPlayerShiftMinsGoalsShotsAssists+/-PIMSavesSave %GK InGK Out
GKMaurice Powers000
DBert McGillivray000
DGeorge McTeer000
FNels Crutchfield200
FHarry Griffiths000
FRuss Ward002
AlternateHugh Farquharson000
AlternateGordon Crutchfield020
AlternateJack McGill000
AlternateKen Farmer000
AlternateTommy Robertson000
AlternateJohn Riddell000

Canada 2

PosNrPlayerShiftMinsGoalsShotsAssists+/-PIMSavesSave %GK InGK Out
GKStan Wagner000
DRoy Henkel002
DFoster Woolley002
FWally Monson000
FCliff Crowley000
FBert Duncanson000
AlternateHugh Sutherland000
AlternateHack Simpson000
AlternateGeorge Garbutt000
AlternateAlston Wise000
AlternateNorm Malloy002
AlternateKen Moore000