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Literature, Lyric Works, Open

Date1 – 16 August 1936
LocationAusstellungsgelände Halle VI, Kaiserdamm, Berlin
Participants14 from 8 countries
JudgeRudolf HenzAUT
JudgeCharly ClercSUI
JudgeHanns JohstGER
JudgeHeinz WismannGER
JudgeWerner BeumelburgGER
JudgeRichard EuringerGER
JudgeGeorg SchmückleGER

The winning poem in this event was written by Felix Dhünen, a pseudonym for Franz Sondinger. Entitled Der Läufer (The Runner), it tells of Pheidippides, the mythical runner announcing the Greek victory at the Battle of Marathon. The runner, having earlier run to Sparta and back, then collapsed and died. This story inspired the organization of the marathon foot race, first held at the 1896 Olympics.

The other medals went to Bruno Fattori, a World War I veteran and Dante expert, and Hans Helmut Stoiber, an Austrian middle school student. Stoiber did not engage in a literary career later, becoming a lawyer, judge and biologist.

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1Felix DhünenGERThe RunnerDer LäuferDer LäuferGold
2 Tella tuta bonis metuenda supremisITABlue ProfilesProfili AzzuriProfili AzzuriSilver
3Hans Helmut StoiberAUTThe DiscusDer DiskusDer DiskusBronze
ACHermann StowasserAUTHigh DiverTurmspringerTurmspringer
ACTheodor MayerAUTChoir of Sports PeopleChor der SportsleuteChor der Sportsleute
ACPaul DresseBELFour Poems on Sporting SubjectsQuatre poèmes sur des sujets sportifs Quatre poèmes sur des sujets sportifs
ACKlára MarikHUNThrough slow motionA lassitó lencsén KeresztülA lassitó lencsén Keresztül (Durch die Zeitlupe)
ACLina GalliITASeven PoemsSette PoesieSette Poesie
ACLino BusincoITAFive PoemsCinque PoesieCinque Poesie
ACFred JentSUIPsychology of TrainingPsychologie des TrainingsPsychologie des Trainings
ACWilfried Strik-StrikfeldtLATOlympic LettersOlympische Briefe
ACHans SchöchlinSUIMind and SportGeist und SportGeist und Sport
ACTheron NewellUSAPhilopoemen, last of the GreeksPhilopoemen, last of the GreeksPhilopoemen, last of the Greeks
ACAvery BrundageUSAThe Olympic GamesThe Olympic GamesThe Olympic games