Sagitta, Amsterdam (NED)

Affiliation ID 458
Full name Atletiekvereniging Sagitta
Short name Sagitta
Place Amsterdam (NED)
Sports ATH

Founded 1936. Merged with Blauw-Wit to become Phanos in 1999.

Athletes (9)

Corrie Bakker NED ATH 1968
Fanny Blankers-Koen NED ATH 1936—1988
Jan Blankers NED ATH 1928
Nel Büch NED ATH 1952
Ciska Jansen NED ATH 1976
Tilly van der Made-van der Zwaard NED ATH 1964—1968
Els van Noorduyn NED ATH 1968
Ans Panhorst-Niesink NED ATH 1936—1948
Nel Roos-Lodder NED ATH 1948