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Ilona Váradi

Biographical information

TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameIlona•Váradi (-Pétery)
Used nameIlona•Váradi
Other namesIlona Várady
Born4 August 1891 in Budapest (HUN)
Died19 February 1945
AffiliationsMAC, Budapest (HUN)
NOC Hungary


Ilona Váradi was originally an actress who was also a celebrated operetta in the 1910s and 1920s in Budapest. Her theater career was briefly interrupted by the 1919 Communist Revolution and she was engaged in right-wing propaganda and had to escape, crossing the border with a false passport and living in Italy for a long time. She returned home after the revolution.

Váradi started playing tennis only after World War I. Her first coach was Aurél Kelemen, who later became her partner in mixed doubles. The battle between the tennis court and the stage was decided by a man as Váradi married and left the stage.

Váradi won the Budapest International in 1922, 1924, and 1925 and Hungarian singles championships in 1922 and 1926. In 1924, she took part in the Paris Olympics, where she competed in singles and mixed doubles with Kelemen. In 1928 she finished her tennis career due to a series of injuries.

Váradi was proficient in many sports – riding, swimming, skating, and table tennis. In 1945 she died of blood poisoning.


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1924 Summer Olympics Tennis HUN Ilona Váradi
Singles, Women (Olympic) =17
Doubles, Mixed (Olympic) Aurél Kelemen =9
Doubles, Women (Olympic) Medy Krencsey DNS