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Édouard-Émile, Baron de Laveleye

Biographical information

TypeIOC member
Full nameÉdouard-Émile•de Laveleye
Used nameÉdouard-Émile, Baron•de Laveleye
Born22 October 1854 in Gent (Ghent) (BEL)
Died25 November 1938 in Bruxelles (Brussels) (BEL)
NOC(s) Belgium


Édouard-Émile, Baron de Laveleye was the driving force behind the creation of the Belgian Olympic Committee in 1906, and was president from 1906-23. Baron de Laveleye was a good tennis player and fencer. He was co-opted onto the IOC in May 1913, although later IOC records list this as occurring in 1919. However, the minutes of the 1913 IOC Session in Lausanne note that he was co-opted but that his seat “should not be considered permanent”. However, when Belgium hosted the 1920 Antwerpen Olympics, the nation became entitled to two IOC members and de Laveleye remained a member until his death in November 1938.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure Details
President Belgisch Olympisch en Interfederaal Comité 1906—1923 Representing Belgium    
Member International Olympic Committee 1913—1938 Representing Belgium    

Olympic family relations

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