Siegfried Theiß

Biographical information

TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameSiegfried•Theiß
Used nameSiegfried•Theiß
Other namesSiegfried Theiss
Born17 November 1882 in Bratislava (SVK)
Died24 January 1963 in Wien (Vienna) (AUT)
NOC Austria


Bratislava-born Austrian architect Siegfried Theiß came from a middle-class family and studied in Wien (Vienna). After World War I, he and his partner Hans Jaksch continued their architectural work. Theiß was also appointed as an associate professor at the Technical University in Wien, converted a few years later to a full professorship. Eventually, he became dean of the Vienna University of Technology. 1919-1931 Theiß was President of the Central Association of Architects of Austria. Jaksch and Theiß built the airmen barracks in Wien, among other projects. After the Anschluss of Austria to the German Reich they both joined the NSDAP and mostly produced Nazi buildings. Theiß was on the list of the most important architects of the Nazi state. After World War II he was de-Nazified and reinstated as a professor and was allowed to participate in reconstruction projects in Austria. His partnership with Jaksch lasted until 1961.

Theiß also worked as a consultant, juror, and many other functions. In addition to the drafting of the Austrian building standard he had a significant input into the legal protection of the title of architect. Theiß’s commitment to his work can be found in numerous professional articles and reflected lectures.

Their “Olympion” was a competition design for the IOC headquarters in Lausanne. A plateau was to be created by a 150 m long wall of natural stone. There was to be a dome of a festival hall of 40 m height and diameter of 40 m, that rose in the center. A semicircular three-story building contained a lecture hall, museum, library, office and meeting rooms, as well as accommodations.


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1948 Summer Olympics Art Competitions AUT Siegfried Theiß
Architecture, Further Entries, Open (Olympic) Hans Jaksch AC