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Gabriele D'Annunzio

Biographical information

TypeCompeted in Olympic Games, Referee
Full nameGabriele•D'Annunzio
Used nameGabriele•D'Annunzio
Born12 March 1863 in Pescara, Pescara (ITA)
Died1 March 1938 in Gardone Riviera, Brescia (ITA)
Title(s)Principe di Montenevoso
NOC(s) Italy


Gabriele D’Annunzio was an Italian poet, journalist, novelist and dramatist belonging to the late-romantic representatives of Fin de Siècle symbolism. At the height of his success, D’Annunzio was celebrated for the originality, power and decadence of his writing. His role in politics is controversial due to his influence on the Italian Fascists movement and his status as the alleged forerunner of dictator Benito Mussolini. He is often seen as a precursor of the ideals and techniques of Italian fascism.

In 1922, shortly before the march on Rome, he was pushed out of a window by an unknown assailant, surviving although he was severely injured and did not completely recover before Mussolini had been appointed Prime Minister and hailed by the fascists as duce del fascismo. In 1924 D’Annunzio was ennobled by King Victor Emmanuel III and given the hereditary title of Principe di Montenevoso. In 1938 he died of a stroke. He was given a state funeral by Mussolini and was interred in a magnificent tomb constructed of white marble.

It is unknown which of his works was submitted in 1912. In 1910, however, his novel Forse che sì, forse che no (Maybe - maybe not) about the infancy of aviation appeared. D’Annunzio lived in Paris from 1910-15 and could have been personally approached by Pierre de Coubertin, urging him to participate. In 1924 D’Annunzio was also a jury member of the art competitions.


Games Discipline (Sport) Event Status Team Pos Details
1912 Summer Olympics Art Competitions Literature, Open Olympic AC Representing Italy    


Games Sport Event Status Phase Unit Role Details
1924 Summer Olympics Art Competitions Literature, Open Olympic Final Standings Judge Representing Italy    

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