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Literature, Open

Date 4 May – 27 July 1924
LocationGrand Palais des Champs-Elysées, Paris
Participants32 from 10 countries

In the literature category five medals were awarded, one gold and two silver and bronze medals each. The gold medal was won by French Géo-Charles for The Olympic Games. Géo-Charles was the pseudonym of Charles Guyot, who became best known as the Olympic Literary Man. He was also active in several sports activities.

The silver medals were awarded to British writer Dorothy Margaret Stuart and Danish author Josef Petersen. Stuart received it for Sword Songs. She joined The English Association in 1930 and was a member of the Executive Committee from 1937-61, Honorary Secretary of the Association from 1949-51, and edited the News-Letter from it’s inception in 1946 to 1961. She was known for her literary criticism and for several historical biographies. Petersen wrote mostly about ancient and medieval motifs and was well recognized for his knowledge of ancient cultures, but not from the contemporary literary criticism. He won all his Olympic art medals (1924, 1932 and 1948) with works on ancient Greek sports motifs, in 1924 for Euryale.

The bronze medals went to French Charles Anthoine Gonnet for Face to Face with Olympia’s God and Irish Oliver St. John Gogarty for Ode to the Tailteann Games. Gonnet also played rugby for the French national team from 1921-27. In 1924, he was a substitute for the French national team at the Paris Olympics, but did not play in any match. He was also an athlete, swimmer and boxer. Besides his writing Gogarty was a physician, sportsman, pilot and politician, and from 1922-36 served as a senator in the Irish Parliament.

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1 Géo-CharlesFRAOlympic GamesJeux OlympiquesJeux OlympiquesGold1
=2Dorothy Margaret StuartGBRSword SongsSword SongsSword SongsSilver
=2Josef PetersenDENEuryaleEuryaleEuryale (un tableau des premiers Jeux Olympiques)Silver
=3Charles Anthoine GonnetFRAFace to Face with Olympia's GodVers le Dieu d’OlympieVers le Dieu d’OlympieBronze
=3Oliver St. John GogartyIRLOde to the Tailteann GamesOde to the Tailteann GamesOde pour les jeux de TailteannBronze
ACBrinsley MacNamaraIRLThe Glorious UncertaintyThe Glorious UncertaintyThe Glorious Uncertainty
AC Miami Belle LouisUSA
ACPatrick ChalmersGBRThe Wise MenThe Wise MenThe Wise Men
ACRobert GravesGBRAt the GamesAt the GamesAt the Games
ACAlbert LaisantFRAOlympic HymnSonnet OlympiqueSonnet Olympique
ACT.C. MurrayIRLBirthrightBirthrightBirthright (pièce de théâtre)
ACT.C. MurrayIRLMaurice HarteMaurice HarteMaurice Harte (pièce de théâtre)
AC SmartSUIExuberant Youth in the Open AirL’Exubérante jeunesse au grand airL’Exubérante jeunesse au grand air
ACKlaus SuomelaFINMiloMilo, Olympian sankariMilon (drame en quatre actes)
ACA. ChristoryFRATo SportsAux SportsAux Sports
ACA. GodinatFRATo the Glory of SportsA la Gloire des SportsPoême "A la Gloire des Sports"
ACA. SchmittSUINocturn - Improvisation of a SkierNocturno (Improvisation d’un Skieur)Nocturno (Improvisation d’un Skieur)
ACCharles WilliamsGBRCeremonial OdeCeremonial OdeCérémonial Ode
ACFrance Darget SavaritFRAThermopylesTermopylesTermopyles
ACGonzague de ReynoldSUIOlympic OdesOdes OlympiquesOdes Olympiques
ACFranz ServaisLUXThe SportsLes SportsLes Sports (fantaisie scientifique et sportive, en vers)
ACGeorge BamberGBRThe Land Where the Rose is GrownThe Land Where the Rose is GrownThe Land Where the Rose is Grown2
ACGeorge BamberGBRO Vigila (now let the games begin)O Vigila (now let the games begin)O Vigila (now let the games begin)3
ACGeorge BamberGBRThe Contest The Contest The Contest
ACGeorge BamberGBRDidotDidotDidot
ACH. VincentFRAOde ActualOde actuelleOde actuelle
ACHenry de MontherlantFRAThe Paradise in the Shadow of the SwordsLe Paradis à l’ombre des EpéesLe Paradis à l’ombre des Epées
ACI. CouturierUSAThe Greek MaidenThe Greek MaidenThe Greek Maiden
ACJacques GazeauFRASéraphita or the Mountains of WinterSéraphita (ou la Montagne d’Hiver)Séraphita (ou la Montagne d’Hiver)
ACJ. RyanIRLThe New Master of the ClanwilliamsThe New Master of the ClanwilliamsThe New Master of the Clanwilliams
ACL. Alvar da SilvaBRA
ACL. A. FernándezURUGreeting to the OlympianSalutation al OlimpionicoSalutation al Olimpionico
ACLionel MontalFRAArcambaArcamba (roman)Arcamba (roman)4
ACLionel MontalFRAOn the summitsSur les cimes (poême)Sur les cimes (poême)5
ACMarcel BergerFRAStory of 15 MenHistoire de quinze hommesHistoire de quinze hommes
ACPeshoton DubashGBRA Football MatchA Football MatchA Football Match
ACSuzanne ArdoinFRATriumph of the AthleteLe triomphe de I’athléteLe triomphe de I’athléte