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Pedro Figari

Biographical information

TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full namePedro•Figari Solari
Used namePedro•Figari
Other namesP. Weber, P. Merlín
Born29 June 1861 in Montevideo (URU)
Died24 July 1938 in Montevideo (URU)
NOC Uruguay


Pedro Figari first studied law, but after his marriage went on a long trip to Europe, where he studied art. In 1893, he became a journalist for the newspaper “El Deber”, and in 1896 a Parliament Member in Uruguay. Only two years later, he became Secretary of State. He then held several government posts, including Vice-President of the Academy of Arts. In 1921 he moved to Argentina, and one year later to Paris. In 1933 he was appointed Advisor to the Minister for Arts and Education in Uruguay and was responsible for relations with the Argentine Art Scene. He was known primarily as a painter of genre scenes.


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1932 Summer Olympics Art Competitions URU Pedro Figari
Unknown Event, Open (Olympic) AC
Unknown Event, Open (Olympic) AC
Unknown Event, Open (Olympic) AC
Unknown Event, Open (Olympic) AC
Unknown Event, Open (Olympic) AC

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