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Painting, Paintings, Open1

Date30 July – 14 August 1932
LocationLos Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, Los Angeles, California
Participants7 from 5 countries
JudgeReginald PolandUSA
JudgeJohn JohansenUSA
JudgeEugene SavageUSA
JudgeDavid Alfaro SiqueirosMEX
JudgeBenjamin BrownUSA

The jury in the painting category consisted of the following: Reginald H. Poland (1893-1975), San Diego; John Christian Johansen (1876-1964), New York; Eugene Francis Savage (1883-1978), New York; David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974), Mexico; and Benjamin Chambers Brown (1865-1942), Pasadena. All were well-known painters, sculptors and museum directors.

The division into three areas, which had been made in 1928 for the first time, was retained. These were supposed to be separated as follows: … Paintings (in oil on canvas or cardboard); drawings and watercolors on paper or on the appropriate fabric, single or multi-colored; graphical art (engravings, lithographs, posters). Once again a connection with sport was required. A total of 322 artists took part with 665 exhibits from 19 countries.

In this category no bronze medal was awarded. The gold medal was earned by Swedish artist David Wallin for At the Seaside of Arild, a painting whose female figure in the center of the painting is reminiscent of Botticelli’s Venus. The silver medal was won by US artist Ruth Miller for Struggle, a painting showing a realistic representation of a battle between a black and a white freestyle wrestler, a remarkable thing for the era considering that racial discrimination was still legal in the United States.

Five more artists received Honorable Mentions for their works, one of whom was US artist George Hill with his work Surf Fishing. He was the husband of graphic artist and painter Polly Hill. It is also not known how the works were evaluated. Some works are referred to as )hors concours) in the Official Report, and there is no further explanation for this category.

1David WallinSWEAt the Seaside of ArildGold
2Ruth MillerUSAStruggleSilver
HMAntonia MatosGUACourse of Pirogues
HMCharles PearsGBRShamrock V
HMGeorge HillUSASurf Fishing
HMMichał BylinaPOLRiding
HMWacław BorowskiPOLThe Archer