Basque pelota at the 1968 Summer Olympics

Dates 14 – 25 October 1968
Non-medal Events 5

Basque pelota was held at the Olympics for the third time, and as a demonstration sport for the second time. The first two times had been when the Olympics were held in Paris (1900 and 1924). There were numerous differences to those first two appearances. Apart from France and Spain, in which the Basque Country is situated, other countries also participated: Argentina, Mexico, Philippines, Uruguay and the United States. The courts (frontóns) had both a left wall and a back wall (frontis), while only a back wall had been used in 1924.

Basque pelota would return once more to the Olympics, at the Barcelona Olympics (1992). The International Federation of Basque Pelota (FIPV) is recognized by the IOC, but is not currently close to becoming an Olympic sport. World Championships have been held in the sport since 1952, and it has appeared irregularly on the program of the Pan American Games.

Non-medal events

Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Mano, Doubles, Men Olympic (non-medal) 14 – 25 October 1968 12 3
Paleta Cuero, Doubles, Men Olympic (non-medal) 14 – 24 October 1968 15 5
Paleta Goma, Doubles, Men Olympic (non-medal) 14 – 22 October 1968 16 4
Frontenis, Doubles, Men Olympic (non-medal) 14 – 23 October 1968 18 6
Cesta Punta, Doubles, Men Olympic (non-medal) 15 – 25 October 1968 18 5
74 (74/0) 7 (7/0)