Weightlifting at the 1904 Summer Olympics

Dates 31 August – 3 September 1904
Medal Events 2

The weightlifting events were contested on September 1st and 3rd on the infield of Francis Field at the Olympic Stadium. There were two events, a two-handed lift of unlimited style and an all-around dumbbell contest. The two-handed lift was won easily by the Greek Perikles Kakousis. The all-around dumbbell contest was contested by three Americans: Oscar Osthoff, Frederick Winters, and Frank Kungler. It was an unusual event which was essentially a weightlifting decathlon in which nine different dumbbell movements were contested. In addition, the 10th section was for optional feats which saw the two remaining athletes, Osthoff and Winters, doing variations of push-ups to earn points.

The Olympic weightlifting contests of 1904 were held as part of the track & field competition as was common in that era. They were an open competition with foreign entrants and no handicaps and are correctly always considered Olympic caliber.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Unlimited, Two Hands, Men Olympic 31 August 1904 4 2
All-Around Dumbbell Contest, Men Olympic 1 – 3 September 1904 3 1
5 (5/0) 2 (2/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Unlimited, Two Hands, Men Periklis KakousisGRE Oscar OsthoffUSA Franz KuglerUSA
All-Around Dumbbell Contest, Men Oscar OsthoffUSA Fred WinterUSA Franz KuglerUSA

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States USA 1 2 2 5
Greece GRE 1 0 0 1