Tennis at the 1906 Intercalated Games

Dates 23 – 26 April 1906
Medal Events 4

The tennis events at the 1906 Olympic Games were held at the Athens Lawn Tennis Club near the Ilissus River. Tennis events were also held there in 1896, although some of the 1896 tennis events were held on the infield of the Neo Phaliron velodrome. The 1906 events were held on clay courts. There were four competitions held: men’s singles, ladies’ singles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. The turn-out was very poor considering the world’s top players - none of them were present in Athens. The top player there in 1906 was the Frenchman, Max Decugis, who succeeded in winning three gold medals, in men’s singles, and doubles and, with his wife as his partner, in the mixed doubles. No British tennis players competed, and none of the top Americans were in Athens. The women’s singles had a particularly weak field, with only six competitors present.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Singles, Men Intercalated 23 – 26 April 1906 18 6
Doubles, Men Intercalated 23 – 25 April 1906 14 5
Singles, Women Intercalated 24 – 26 April 1906 6 2
Doubles, Mixed Intercalated 24 – 26 April 1906 10 2
27 (21/6) 6 (6/2)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Singles, Men Max DecugisFRA Maurice GermotFRA Zdeněk ŽemlaBOH
Doubles, Men FranceFRA Greece 1GRE BohemiaBOH
Singles, Women Esme SimiriotisGRE Sofia MarinouGRE Fronietta PaspatiGRE
Doubles, Mixed FranceFRA Greece 1GRE Greece 2GRE

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
France FRA 3 1 0 4
Greece GRE 1 3 2 6
Bohemia BOH 0 0 2 2