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Singles, Men

Date23 – 26 April 1906
LocationHomilos Antisfairiseos Athinon, Athina
Participants18 from 6 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Max Decugis was relatively unchallenged in winning this title, losing only two games in eight sets and four matches prior to the final. In the final, he defeated France’s Maurice Germot in four sets (3-1). Germot was probably favored as he had been French singles champion in 1905-06, while Decugis had won that title in 1903-04.

Decugis was the greatest French tennis player prior to the “Four Musketeers” of the 1920’s. He also has the greatest record of any Olympic tennis player, as he eventually won four Olympic gold medals and six Olympic medals in all: Gold - 1906 singles, doubles, and mixed; and the 1920 mixed (with Suzanne Lenglen); Silver - 1900 doubles; and Bronze - 1920 doubles. In the French Championships, which were closed until 1925, Decugis won 33 titles between 1902 and 1920 - 8 singles, 14 doubles, 11 mixed. His best performance at Wimbledon came in 1911 and 1912 when he made the singles’ semi-finals. In 1911, he and André Gobert (FRA) won the gentlemen’s doubles, the first Frenchmen to win a Wimbledon title. Decugis was also German singles champion in 1901-02.

Of note, “Guus” Kessler (NED) made it through to the semi-finals without playing a match, being given the benefit of three walk-overs. In the semis, he lost to Decugis love-love, thus finishing =4th in the Olympics without winning a single game.

None of the world’s top men’s players were in Athens in 1906. Laurie Doherty (GBR) had been Wimbledon singles champion in 1902-06, and was probably the greatest player in the world. Britain’s Arthur Gore was Wimbledon runner-up in 1906-07, and would win that title in 1908-09. Norman Brookes of Australia was runner-up to Doherty in 1905 and would win the Wimbledon singles in 1907. America’s top players were Beals Wright, the defending Olympic champion from 1904, who won the 1905 United States’ singles title; and Bill Larned, U.S. singles champion in 1901-02, and 1907-11.

1Max DecugisFRAGold
2Maurice GermotFRASilver
3Zdeněk ŽemlaBOHBronze
=4Guus KesslerNED
=4Gerard ScheurleerNED
=6Leon ZarifisGRE
=6Karel BeukemaNED
=6Georgios SimiriotisGRE
=9Jaroslav ŽemlaBOH
=9Xenophon CasdagliGRE
=9Jim GiraudFRA
=9Ioannis BallisGRE
=9Robert SchaufflerUSA
=14Károly VitusHUN
=14Nikolaos KarydiasGRE
=14Ladislav ŽemlaBOH
=14Homer ByingtonUSA
=14Nikolaos ZarifisGRE
DNSHenri GiraudFRA
DNSA. GeorgiadisGRE
DNSGodfrey WhittallGBR
DNSDemetrius CasdagliGRE
DNSP. ManesisGRE
DNSIoannis KetseasGRE
DNSDonald WhittallGBR
DNSMichael AgelastosGRE
DNSGino De MartinoITA

Round One

FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
Match #1Henri GiraudFRAbye
Match #2A. GeorgiadisGREGodfrey WhittallGBR
Match #3Demetrius CasdagliGREP. ManesisGRE
Match #4Guus KesslerNEDIoannis KetseasGREwalkover
Match #5Jaroslav ŽemlaBOH6-4, 7-5Károly VitusHUN
Match #6Leon ZarifisGREDonald WhittallGBRwalkover
Match #7Max DecugisFRA6-0, 6-0Nikolaos KarydiasGRE
Match #8Xenophon CasdagliGREH. MelisGREwalkover
Match #9Zdeněk ŽemlaBOHJ. MilletFRAwalkover
Match #10Maurice GermotFRAMichael AgelastosGREwalkover
Match #11Jim GiraudFRAGino De MartinoITAwalkover
Match #12Karel BeukemaNED6-0, 6-4Ladislav ŽemlaBOH
Match #13Gerard ScheurleerNED6-0, 3-6, 6-2Nikolaos ZarifisGRE
Match #14Ioannis BallisGRE6-1, 6-2Homer ByingtonUSA
Match #15Georgios SimiriotisGREbye
Match #16Robert SchaufflerUSAbye

Round Two

FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #1Henri GiraudFRAA. GeorgiadisGRE
Match #2Guus KesslerNEDDemetrius CasdagliGREwalkover
Match #3Leon ZarifisGREJaroslav ŽemlaBOHwalkover
Match #4Max DecugisFRA6-1, 6-0Xenophon CasdagliGRE
Match #5Maurice GermotFRA3-6, 6-1, 6-2Zdeněk ŽemlaBOH
Match #6Karel BeukemaNED6-4, 3-6, 7-5Jim GiraudFRA
Match #7Gerard ScheurleerNED6-1, 6-4Ioannis BallisGRE
Match #8Georgios SimiriotisGRE6-1, 2-6, 6-2Robert SchaufflerUSA


FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #1Guus KesslerNEDwalkover
Match #2Max DecugisFRA6-1, 6-0Leon ZarifisGRE
Match #3Maurice GermotFRA6-4, 6-2Karel BeukemaNED
Match #4Gerard ScheurleerNED6-3, 8-6Georgios SimiriotisGRE


FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final.
Match #1Maurice GermotFRA6-4, 6-1Gerard ScheurleerNED
Match #2Max DecugisFRA6-0, 6-0Guus KesslerNED

Final Round

Match 1/2Max DecugisFRA6-1, 7-9, 6-1, 6-1Maurice GermotFRA