Ski Jumping at the 1992 Winter Olympics

Dates 9 – 16 February 1992
Medal Events 3

The 1992 ski jumping events were held at the Stade de Saut in Courcheval. Courcheval is a resort and village in the Savoie region of the French Alps, which is part of Les Trois Vallées, the largest linked ski area in the world. The original village is Le Praz in the center of Courcheval, and the 1992 Olympic ski jumps were constructed in Le Praz specifically for the Albertville Winter Olympics. The program was the same as in 1988, with individual events on the normal hill and large hill, and a 4-man team event on the large hill. There were no changes in formats. Toni Nieminen and Martin Höllwarth each won three medals, with Nieminen winning gold on the large hill and the team event, and Höllwarth winning silvers in all three events. The normal hill in 1992 had a K-point of 90.0 metres while the large hill’s K-point was at 120.0 metres

Over the preceding years ski jumping had been revolutionized by the introduction of the V-technique. The style, where the tips of the skis were pushed out to form a V-shape during flight was initially penalized by the style judges but the increased distances that it produced outweighed the style deductions and it had come to be accepted by the governing bodies.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Normal Hill, Individual, Men Olympic 9 February 1992 58 16
Large Hill, Individual, Men Olympic 16 February 1992 59 17
Large Hill, Team, Men Olympic 14 February 1992 54 14
63 (63/0) 17 (17/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Normal Hill, Individual, Men Ernst VettoriAUT Martin HöllwarthAUT Toni NieminenFIN
Large Hill, Individual, Men Toni NieminenFIN Martin HöllwarthAUT Heinz KuttinAUT
Large Hill, Team, Men FinlandFIN AustriaAUT CzechoslovakiaTCH

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
Finland FIN 2 0 1 3
Austria AUT 1 3 1 5
Czechoslovakia TCH 0 0 1 1