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Large Hill, Team, Men

Date14 February 1992
LocationLe Praz, Courchevel
Participants54 from 14 countries
FormatTwo jumps per team member, with both scored on distance and form. Four members per team, with best three jumps in each round to count towards team total.
Judge #1Stewart WallaceCAN
Judge #2Rudi SteberGER
Judge #3Sylvester PancherczPOL
Judge #4Alois KogelbauerAUT
Judge #5Gilbert BrancoliniFRA
Venue detailsK-Point: 120 m

Finland’s decade long monopoly of world and Olympic titles had been broken at the 1991 World Championships by a talented Austrian quartet who appeared to also be destined for the Olympic title as well. The Finns and Austrians were remarkably well matched at Albertville and the deciding factor in a desperately close contest was the form of teenager Toni Nieminen. Nieminen’s exhilarating performance made up for the greater consistency of the Austrians though the margin of victory was a miniscule 1.5 points in a competition where the winning team scored 644.4 points. Martin Höllwarth’s silver medal was his third of these Olympic Games. The competition was halted because the jury were afraid that the jumpers were going too far and endangering themselves, and then restarted. This proved unlucky for the Austrian team who had produced some excellent performances before the stoppage.

Toni Nieminen240.0
Ari-Pekka Nikkola203.5
Risto Laakkonen200.9
Mika Laitinen184.4
Martin Höllwarth229.9
Heinz Kuttin207.3
Andreas Felder205.3
Ernst Vettori200.6
Jiří Parma221.6
Tomáš Goder206.8
František Jež191.7
Jaroslav Sakala187.0
Masahiko Harada203.8
Kenji Suda183.6
Jiro Kamiharako183.5
Noriaki Kasai165.4
Dieter Thoma180.9
Heiko Hunger180.3
Jens Weißflog183.4
Christof Duffner143.1
Samo Gostiša191.4
Franci Petek184.0
Matjaž Zupan163.0
Primož Kopač148.0
Espen Bredesen199.9
Magne Johansen171.1
Rune Olijnyk167.0
Lasse Ottesen150.1
Markus Gähler180.3
Stefan Zünd185.3
Sylvain Freiholz172.3
Martin Trunz153.4
Mikael Martinsson183.2
Magnus Westman176.7
Jan Boklöv155.2
Staffan Tällberg138.2
Jérôme Gay171.9
Didier Mollard169.7
Nicolas Jean-Prost163.7
Steve Delaup164.5
11Unified TeamEUN503.4
Mikhail Yesin191.5
Dionis Vodnyev156.3
Andrey Verveykin155.6
Yury Dudarev106.8
12United StatesUSA482.4
Jim Holland168.8
Ted Langlois163.5
Bryan Sanders146.2
Bob Holme149.2
Roberto Cecon177.0
Ivo Pertile146.7
Ivan Lunardi148.5
Ron Richards131.7
Horst Bulau121.7
Kirk Allen87.6