Luge at the 1994 Winter Olympics

Dates 13 – 18 February 1994
Medal Events 3

The 1994 Olympic bobsleigh events were held at the new Hunderfossen run some 15 kilometres to the north of Lillehammer. The track was completed by the end of 1990 and the first competitions were held in early 1991. The Luge configuration of this track is slightly shorter than bobsleigh at 1365 m for men and 1185 m for women and doubles but as the men’s course joins the bob track before the first turn it has the same number of corners and the average gradient of 8.5% is identical. The women’s and doubles course intersects before the fourth corner and with an average gradient of 6.9% is slightly less steep. For the first time in the thirty year history of Olympic luge the men’s title produced a repeat winner in Georg Hackl of Germany though the other two events resulted in Italian victories.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Singles, Men Olympic 13 – 14 February 1994 33 18
Doubles, Open Olympic 18 February 1994 40 15
Singles, Women Olympic 15 – 16 February 1994 25 14
92 (67/25) 25 (24/14)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Singles, Men Georg HacklGER Markus ProckAUT Armin ZöggelerITA
Doubles, Open Italy 1ITA Italy 2ITA Germany 1GER
Singles, Women Gerda WeissensteinerITA Susi ErdmannGER Andrea TagwerkerAUT

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
Italy ITA 2 1 1 4
Germany GER 1 1 1 3
Austria AUT 0 1 1 2