? (GBR)


Administrative divisionUnknown
CountryGreat Britain

People born here (7)

Cian Barry USA RUG 2014 23 May 1996
Henry Creasey GBR SHO 1908 1864
Rachel Hunter CAN EVE 1992 7 June 1969
Carey Marshall GBR ATH 2004 16 November 1979
Peter Milburn CAY SAL 1976 25 January 1945
Peter Parrott AUS IHO 1960 27 May 1936
Jack Snowden SGP SAL 1956 18 January 1923

People who died here (1)

Michael Stack IRL BOX 1948 31 January 2008


?, Nottinghamshire, (GBR)
Achilles Club, (GBR)
Albert Park, (GBR)
Belle Vue C.C., (GBR)
Boardman and Eccles, (GBR)
Bradfield ABC, (GBR)
British Army, (GBR)
British Milers Club, (GBR)
Cairngorm Ski Club, (GBR)
Cervélo-Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team, (GBR)
Chiltern Road Club, (GBR)
City Police ABC, (GBR)
Colliers Hall Club, (GBR)
Deeside Ice Skating Club, (GBR)
Devon and Cornwall AS, (GBR)
East Anglian AGA, (GBR)
Faugh A Ballagh Athletics Club, (GBR)
Forresters AC, (GBR)
Foxhunters Hurlingham, (GBR)
Garioch ASC, (GBR)
Gordon Highlanders, (GBR)
Grosvenor Fencing Club, (GBR)
Grove Ladies Hockey Club, (GBR)
GS Strada - M&M Conservatories, (GBR)
Linda McCartney Racing Team, (GBR)
Matrix Fitness - Prendas RT, (GBR)
Metropolitan Police, (GBR)
Mildmay Rowing Club ABC, (GBR)
Milocarian Athletic Club, (GBR)
Morley Weightlifting and Athletic Club, (GBR)
North London C. and I. A.C., (GBR)
Old Dunstonians, (GBR)
Old Goldsmith BC, (GBR)
Old Hulmeians, (GBR)
Old Mancunians, (GBR)
ONE Pro Cycling, (GBR)
Oxford and Cambridge Sailing Society, (GBR)
Passmore Edwards GC, (GBR)
Railway Clearing House Athletic Club, (GBR)
Royal Air Force, (GBR)
Royal Marines, (GBR)
Royal Navy, (GBR)
Royal Navy Hockey Association, (GBR)
South Behmber Fencing Club, (GBR)
Spartan Ladies, (GBR)
St. Georges ABC, (GBR)
St. Gregory's Ladies Athletics Club, (GBR)
St. Matthew's AC, (GBR)
Stempel's School of Arms, (GBR)
Team 100% Me, (GBR)
Team Barloworld, (GBR)
Team IG–Sigma Sport, (GBR)
Team Sport and Publicity, (GBR)
United Services, (GBR)
VC St. Raphael, (GBR)
Warren Cycling Club, (GBR)
West Benhar, (GBR)
Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling, (GBR)
Worcestershire Archery Society, (GBR)