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10,000 metres, Men

Date20 February 1994 — 14:00
LocationOlympiahall, Hamar
Participants16 from 10 countries
Olympic Record 13:48.20 WR / Tomas Gustafson SWE / 21 February 1988
StarterSvein Inge StrugstadNOR
RefereeKnut LudahlNOR

After his two gold medals in the 5,000 and 1,500 metres, Johann Olav Koss was the clear favorite for the longest distance as well, aiming to become the first male speed skater since Eric Heiden swept all five events in 1980 to win three golds at the same Olympics. Koss, who was also the world record holder, was up against his compatriot Kjell Storelid (silver in the 5,000), defending champion Bart Veldkamp and the other Dutchmen (Falko Zandstra and Rintje Ritsma), as well as Poland’s Jaromir Radke, who had surprised with a third place at the European Championships, earlier that year at the Olympic venue.

Koss was the first of the favorites to race - and he essentially ended the competition. Like in the 5,000 metres, Koss produced an incredibly flat pace and ended in 13:30.55, breaking his own world record by 13 seconds. Of the remaining contenders, some tried to attack Koss’s times. Veldkamp had to let go of the schedule after 3K, Ritsma even sooner. Zandstra, Radke and Storelid didn’t seriously attack Koss’ times, but instead gunned for the medals. Storelid managed this best, winning his second silver of the Games after slipping below Veldkamp’s times in the final five rounds. Veldkamp held on for bronze, but he wasn’t there to see it. Thoroughly disappointed in his own performance, he had left the stadium and needed to be brought back before the medal ceremony could take place.

Koss’ time was not approached until the advent of the clap skate allowed skaters to go faster, with Gianni Romme breaking it at the 1998 Olympics. It also earned him the 1994 Oscar Mathisen Award for outstanding speed skating performance, and he was named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year (together with Bonnie Blair).

15IJohann Olav KossNOR13:30.55GoldWR
28IKjell StorelidNOR13:49.25Silver
36IBart VeldkampNED13:56.73Bronze
47OFalko ZandstraNED13:58.25
56OJaromir RadkePOL14:03.84
65OFrank DittrichGER14:04.33
78ORintje RitsmaNED14:09.28
84IJonas SchönSWE14:10.15
91IMichael HadschieffAUT14:12.09
102OChristian EmingerAUT14:15.14
117IToshihiko ItokawaJPN14:17.00
123IAndrey AnufriyenkoRUS14:18.42
134OKazuhiro SatoJPN14:18.44
141OYevgeny SanarovKAZ14:21.12
152IRoberto SighelITA14:27.59
163OPer BengtssonSWE14:48.00