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Michael Hadschieff

Biographical information

Medals OG
Gold 0
Silver 1
Bronze 1
Total 2
TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameMichael Florian•Hadschieff
Used nameMichael•Hadschieff
Born5 October 1963 in Innsbruck (AUT)
Measurements185 cm / 75 kg
AffiliationsUSC Innsbruck, Innsbruck (AUT)
NOC(s) Austria


Arguably the best male Austrian speed skater of all time, Michael Hadschieff had his greatest years in 1987 and 1988. In the former year, he placed second in the European Allround Championships, while ranking third in the Worlds. The following season, he placed fourth in both events, but earned two medals at the Calgary Olympics. In the 10,000 m, he broke the Olympic record, but was later bettered by Tomas Gustafson who set a new world record. In that race Hadschieff was noted for wearing a red visor as an extension of his suit (for protection of his contact lenses against the dry air) and a plastic board under his suit to improve his aerodynamics. Earlier in the tournament, Hadschieff had already placed third in the 1,500 m. In addition to these prizes, Hadschieff captured the 1,500 m World Cup in both the 1986 and 1989 seasons - the latter shared with Eric Flaim. Hadschieff, whose brothers Markus and Julian where also skaters as juniors, collected seven Austrian allround titles, as well as six sprint titles. After ending his career in 1994, he started his business career, and among others worked for sports manufacturer Puma and as a career advisor for other athletes.

Personal Bests: 500 – 37.85 (1989); 1000 – 1:13.84 (1988); 1500 – 1:52.31 (1988); 5000 – 6:47.93 (1988); 10000 – 13:56.11 (1988).


Games Discipline (Sport) Event Status Team Pos Representing 2nd NOC As
1984 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) 500 metres, Men Olympic 32 AUT Michael Hadschieff
  1,000 metres, Men Olympic 22
  1,500 metres, Men Olympic 20
  5,000 metres, Men Olympic 13
  10,000 metres, Men Olympic 5
1988 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) 500 metres, Men Olympic 26 AUT Michael Hadschieff
  1,000 metres, Men Olympic 6
  1,500 metres, Men Olympic 3 Bronze
  5,000 metres, Men Olympic 5
  10,000 metres, Men Olympic 2 Silver
1992 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) 1,000 metres, Men Olympic 24 AUT Michael Hadschieff
  1,500 metres, Men Olympic 14
  5,000 metres, Men Olympic 10
  10,000 metres, Men Olympic 6
1994 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) 1,500 metres, Men Olympic 17 AUT Michael Hadschieff
  5,000 metres, Men Olympic 9
  10,000 metres, Men Olympic 9

Olympic Records

Records may have been broken subsequently during the same competition.
Games Date Sport Event Phase Mark Pos
1988 Winter Olympics 21 February 1988 Speed Skating (Skating) 10,000 metres, Men Final Standings 13:56.11 2

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