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500 metres, Men

Date10 February 1984 — 9:15
LocationPista za brzo klizanje Zetra, Sarajevo
Participants42 from 20 countries
Olympic Record 38.03 / Eric Heiden USA / 15 February 1980
StarterHeinrich BeckFRG
RefereeOdd-Jens BjerkliNOR

The event favorite was considered to be Soviet skater Sergey Fokichev, who in a recent international meet at Davos, had become the first skater under 37 seconds at any rink besides Medeo . The world record holder was Pavel Pegov, who set the mark of 36.57 at Medeo in 1983, but he was competing only in the 1,000 in Sarajevo. The 1983 World Sprints had been won by Japan’s Akira Kuroiwa, but he was also only in the 1,000. In the opening pair American Nick Thometz posted 38.56, but he was bested by his pairmate, Fokichev, who finished in 38.19. In that pair, Japan’s Yoshihiro Kitazawa, a complete unknown, finished in 38.30 to move into second place ahead of Thometz. The sixth pair had American Dan Jansen and the 1981 World Sprints champion, Frode Rønning of Norway, and they were considered threats, although Jansen was still young. Jansen narrowly finished ahead of his teammate, Thometz, posting 38.55, but Rønning was disappointing with 38.58. The next pair had Canada’s Gaétan Boucher, who had been second at the 1982 World Sprints. When he finished in 38.39 the medals were decided. There were 14 pairs yet to race, but as the sun warmed the ice, only the early starters could contend. Fokichev was the gold medalist, but had been a complete unknown outside the Soviet Union until recently, having never competed internationally prior to the 1983-84 season. He would turn out to be a fairly good sprinter, winning both 500s at the 1984 and 1987 World Sprints, and posting two World Cup victories over 500 metres.

One unusual competitor in the event was Errol Fraser of the British Virgin Islands. Born in New York, Fraser had dual citizenship and had competed in a few international races training for the Winter Olympics. He was the first Olympian from the British Virgin Islands or any Caribbean nation, and was the first black Olympic speed skater.

11OSergey FokichevURS38.19Gold
25IYoshihiro KitazawaJPN38.30Silver
37IGaétan BoucherCAN38.39Bronze
46IDan JansenUSA38.55
51INick ThometzUSA38.56
64IVladimir KozlovURS38.57
76OFrode RønningNOR38.58
82OUwe-Jens MeyGDR38.65
916OAleksandr DanilinURS38.66
104OAkira KuroiwaJPN38.70
117OAndré HoffmannGDR38.87
129OYasushi SuzukiJPN38.92
1310IHein VergeerNED38.94
143IJan YkemaNED39.03
159IJacques ThibaultCAN39.12
162IGeert KuiperNED39.13
175OJouko VesterlundFIN39.15
1810OKai Arne EngelstadNOR39.28
1914OHans-Peter OberhuberFRG39.39
=2012OAndreas DietelGDR39.451
=203OErik HenriksenUSA39.45
228IMike RichmondAUS39.47
2317IRolf Falk-LarssenNOR39.57
2414IHans van HeldenFRA39.71
2519IDezideriu JeneiROU39.72
2611OUwe StrebFRG39.78
2720IUrpo PikkupeuraFIN39.88
2811ILee Yeong-HaKOR39.90
=2917OChen JianqiangCHN40.30
=2913IDaniel TurcotteCAN40.30
3115ONa Yun-SuKOR40.35
3220OMichael HadschieffAUT40.52
3318IGiorgio PaganinITA40.54
348OJan-Åke CarlbergSWE40.64
3513OWang NianchunCHN40.75
3616ITomas GustafsonSWE41.18
3719OKim Song-HuiPRK41.23
3815IGai ZhiwuCHN41.67
3921INenad ŽvanutYUG42.55
4021OErroll FraserIVB43.47
4118OBehudin MerdovićYUG46.34
4212IHans MagnussonSWE1:03.08fall