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1,500 metres, Men

Date16 February 1992 — 16:00
LocationAnneau de Vitesse, Albertville
Participants46 from 21 countries
Olympic Record 1:52.06 WR / André Hoffmann GDR / 20 February 1988
StarterEnzo ZaccettiITA
RefereeLars-Olof EklundSWE

Dutch skaters had won all international 1,500 m races earlier in the season. Youngster Falko Zandstra had won two World Cup races and the distance at the European Championships, where he had taken the overall title. The third World Cup of the season had been won by another Dutchman, Rintje Ritsma. The third man on the team was Leo Visser, who had dominated the 1989 speed skating season. He had retired to focus on his pilot studies, but had returned to complete his prize cabinet with an Olympic gold medal, having narrowly lost the 5,000 m gold in 1988. Behind the Dutch, Norwegian skaters Johann Olav Koss and Ådne Søndrål had also posted consistent top results. But Koss, the 1990 and 1991 World Allround Champion, had recently suffered health problems. A little over a week before the Olympic 1,500 m, he had been in hospital for an inflamed pancreas. His participation in the 5,000 m (seventh) had been considered near miraculous.

The start of the race was delayed due to poor conditions, but even then ice conditions were poor. Falko Zandstra, first of the favorites to ride, had an unimpressive last lap, and his 1:56.96 was not considered medal-worthy. After an ice preparation, this was proven by Leo Visser, who skated 1:54.90 in a solid race. As Ritsma stayed well behind with 1:55.70, Visser’s hopes for a medal grew. Johann Olav Koss then copied Visser’s lap times in heat 8, and a slightly faster last lap brought him home in 1:54.81. As Visser headed off the track in disappointment, a second Norwegian also beat his time. Søndrål, too, recorded the same splits, but only just missed out on the gold with 1:54.85. While Koss celebrated his remarkable victory, Visser closed out his skating career by throwing his skates into the audience.

18IJohann Olav KossNOR1:54.81Gold
29OÅdne SøndrålNOR1:54.85Silver
35OLeo VisserNED1:54.90Bronze
46ORintje RitsmaNED1:55.70
511OBart VeldkampNED1:56.33
66IOlaf ZinkeGER1:56.74
73OFalko ZandstraNED1:56.96
84OGeir KarlstadNOR1:56.98
911IYukinori MiyabeJPN1:56.99
1015IIhar ZhaliasouskiEUN1:57.24
115IRoberto SighelITA1:57.32
124IToru AoyanagiJPN1:57.36
137IMarkus TrögerGER1:57.42
148OMichael HadschieffAUT1:57.43
151OPeter AdebergGER1:57.54
=167OPaweł JaroszekPOL1:57.80
=1614OYuriy ShulhaEUN1:57.80
1820OLiu YanfeiCHN1:58.44
1914IBrian WanekUSA1:58.50
2016IGuy ThibaultCAN1:58.87
212IBo KönigSWE1:58.94
222OKonstantin KalistratovEUN1:59.02
231IDanny KahAUS1:59.33
=2410ORoland BrunnerAUT1:59.60
=2410IEric FlaimUSA1:59.60
2623OJoakim KarlbergSWE2:00.01
2712OChoi In-CholPRK2:00.36
2818IKazuhiro SatoJPN2:00.51
293ISteinar JohansenNOR2:00.79
3013IAlessandro De TaddeiITA2:00.86
3122OAleksandr KlimovEUN2:00.94
3215OChris ShelleyUSA2:01.11
3313OZsolt BalóROU2:01.33
3412IJonas SchönSWE2:01.53
3522INathaniel MillsUSA2:01.54
3617INeal MarshallCAN2:01.62
3717OCraig McNicollGBR2:02.06
3820IPhillip TahmindjisAUS2:02.08
399IOh Yong-SeokKOR2:02.17
4021OKevin ScottCAN2:03.18
4119OThierry LambertonFRA2:04.04
4219ICsaba MadarászHUN2:05.00
4323IAltangadasyn SodnomdarjaaMGL2:05.43
4421IKeiji ShirahataJPN2:05.47
4516OBajro ČenanovićYUG2:12.09
DNF18OPat KellyCANfall