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1,000 metres, Men

Date18 February 1988 — 18:00
LocationOlympic Oval, Calgary
Participants40 from 16 countries
Olympic Record 1:15.18 / Eric Heiden USA / 19 February 1980

There were plenty of candidates for the 1,000 m title. Dan Jansen had won the first 1,000 m at the World Sprint Champions a week before the Games, but after hearing of his sister’s death shortly before the start of the 500 m, Jansen had fallen in his race, and it was unclear what to expect of him. Jansen’s team mate Eric Flaim was better known as a miler, but had won the second 1,000 m at West Allis. The winner of the Olympic 500 m, Uwe-Jens Mey had won two World Cup races in the 1,000 during the season and was highly considered. In addition, there were two Soviet skaters, Igor Zhelezovsky and Nikolay Gulyayev. Zhelezovsky was the 1985 and 1986 World Sprint Champion, and held the 1,500 m world record. Gulyayev had been the star of the 1987 season, winning both the European and World Allround Championships. But at the Davos World Cup in January, it was revealed that Norwegian team members had intercepted packages of anabolic steroids. They had been intended for Stein Olav Krosby, who had been regularly receiving packages of the drugs from Gulyayev, usually using a middle man to deliver them to Krosby. While a Soviet team doctor was fired, Gulyayev was not punished by the Soviet skating federation. As Gulyayev had not tested positive himself, and possession of doping was not illegal per Olympic rules, Gulyayev was able to take part in Calgary as planned.

Of these contenders, Gulyayev was the first to skate. As an allround skater, his 200 m split was relatively poor, but his full laps of 27.16 and 28.70 brought him to 1:13.03, half a second behind the official world record (in March 1987, both Nick Thometz and Andrey Bakhvalov had been faster than Pavel Pegov’s 1:12.58, but their times were not held in an officially announced competition). In the next race, Jansen was, as expected, ahead of Gulyayev’s splits, before falling once again. Pair five then saw Mey and Zhelezovsky race each other. Mey, the better 500 m racer, was well ahead at the bell, while Zhelezovsky matched Gulyayev’s splits. But Mey faded in the final lap. While he was able to hold off Zhelezovsky, he was unable to best Gulyayev’s time, finishing in 1:13.11, against 1:13.19 for his opponent. Flaim, too, was level with Gulyayev at 600 m, but lost half a second in the last lap.

13INikolay GulyayevURS1:13.03GoldOR
25OUwe-Jens MeyGDR1:13.11Silver
35IIhar ZhaliasouskiURS1:13.19Bronze
46IEric FlaimUSA1:13.53
519IGaétan BoucherCAN1:13.77
612OMichael HadschieffAUT1:13.84
74IGuy ThibaultCAN1:14.16
813IPeter AdebergGDR1:14.19
=920IBae Gi-TaeKOR1:14.36
=92OYasumitsu KanehamaJPN1:14.36OR
1115OAndrey BakhvalovURS1:14.39
1220OBoris RepninURS1:14.41
133OKimihiro HamayaJPN1:14.43
149OMike RichmondAUS1:14.61
=158IAndré HoffmannGDR1:14.62
=1511IHein VergeerNED1:14.62
172ITom CushmanUSA1:14.68
181INick ThometzUSA1:14.71OR
1917OJean PichetteCAN1:14.72
201OAkira KuroiwaJPN1:15.05
2115IClaes BengtssonSWE1:15.07
2214IMarcel TremblayCAN1:15.13
238OYukihiro MitaniJPN1:15.28
2410IMenno BoelsmaNED1:15.34
259IFrode RønningNOR1:15.39
2616IRolf Falk-LarssenNOR1:15.42
2714OHans MagnussonSWE1:15.79
2818IJerzy DominikPOL1:16.16
2919OHans van HeldenFRA1:16.32
3010OGöran JohanssonSWE1:16.33
3112IPhillip TahmindjisAUS1:16.38
327OHans-Peter OberhuberFRG1:16.62
3313OClaude NicouleauFRA1:17.91
3417ICraig McNicollGBR1:18.60
3518OBehudin MerdovićYUG1:23.88
3616OJulian GreenGBR1:57.30fall
DNF7IBjørn HagenNORfall
DNF4ODan JansenUSAfall
DNF6OJan YkemaNEDfall
DQ11OUwe StrebFRG[1:15.89]