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1,000 metres, Men

Date19 February 1980 — 10:35
LocationJames C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval, Lake Placid
Participants41 from 19 countries
Olympic Record 1:19.32 / Peter Mueller USA / 12 February 1976
RefereeGeorg PetterssonSWE

This one was considered a given. Eric Heiden was favored in all five speed skating events in Lake Placid but none more so than in the 1,000 metres. He had never lost the distance in any international race, and had set the last three world records, having posted 1:14.99 in March 1978 at Savalen and again in February 1979 at Inzell, and bettering it with 1:13.60 in winning the 1980 World Sprints at Davos. He already had two gold medals, having earlier won the 500 and 5,000. Heiden was in the first pair with Canada’s Gaétan Boucher, who had placed second at the 1979 and 1980 World Sprints to Heiden. But Heiden was dominant. He posted the fastest split at 200 metres, at 600 metres, and for each lap, winning his third gold medal by a full 1½ seconds over Boucher, a ridiculous margin for the 1,000 at this level of competition, posting 1:15.18. Third place was a tie, with Norway’s Frode Rønning and the Soviet’s Vladimir Lobanov both posting 1:16.91, and winning bronze medals. The defending champion, American Peter Mueller, who had won the event in 1976 in its first appearance on the Olympic program, placed fifth.

11IEric HeidenUSA1:15.18GoldOR
21OGaétan BoucherCAN1:16.68Silver
=34IVladimir LobanovURS1:16.91Bronze
=33IFrode RønningNOR1:16.91Bronze
55OPeter MuellerUSA1:17.11
64OBert de JongNED1:17.29
718OAndreas DietelGDR1:17.71
810OOloph GranathSWE1:17.74
95ISergey KhlebnikovURS1:17.96
103OLieuwe de BoerNED1:17.97
116ICraig KresslerUSA1:18.37
127ITerje AndersenNOR1:18.52
1315OJan JózwikPOL1:18.83
1420OPertti NiittyläFIN1:18.85
1519IAnatoly MedennikovURS1:18.92
162IJan-Åke CarlbergSWE1:19.13
172OJan Egil StorholtNOR1:19.34
189OEmmanuel MichonFRA1:19.43
1915IKaoru FukudaJPN1:19.66
206OJacques ThibaultCAN1:19.79
218IHilbert van der DuimNED1:19.89
2217ILee Yeong-HaKOR1:20.04
2311OMasayuki KawaharaJPN1:20.88
2414IZhao WeichangCHN1:20.97
258OKazuaki IchimuraJPN1:21.05
267OSteffen DoeringGDR1:21.19
2714OCraig WebsterCAN1:21.47
2810IGiovanni PaganinITA1:21.50
2916IColin CoatesAUS1:21.68
3021IJukka SalmelaFIN1:21.78
3118IVasile CoroșROU1:21.89
3217OLi HuchunCHN1:22.10
3313ODezideriu JeneiROU1:22.66
3420IMike RichmondAUS1:23.30
3512IEsa PuolakkaFIN1:23.54
3612OWang NianchunCHN1:24.20
3716OTömörbaataryn NyamdavaaMGL1:24.84
3819ODorjiin TsenddooMGL1:27.00
399IHerbert SchwarzFRG1:44.23fall
4013IArchie MarshallGBR2:00.93fall
DNF11IJohan GranathSWEfall