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Épée, Team, Women – Classification Round 5-8, Match #2

Date20 August 2004 — 12:50
LocationAithousa Ksifaskias, Olympiako Syngrotima Ellenikou, Hellinikon
FormatFirst team to 45 touches.
RefereePeter RothGER
Assistant RefereeGerard RousseauFRA
Assistant RefereePascal CantinCAN
DetailsMatch Time: 24:27
Piste: Red
CompetitorNOCIndividual Touches Delivered
People's Republic of ChinaCHN29
Li NaShen WeiweiZhong Weiping
Jeanne ChristouDimitra MagkanoudakiNiki-Katerina Sidiropoulou

People's Republic of China

PosCompetitorIndividual Touches DeliveredYellow CardsRed Cards
Li Na11
Shen Weiwei12
Zhong Weiping6
Team Totals2900


PosCompetitorIndividual Touches DeliveredYellow CardsRed Cards
Jeanne Christou9
Dimitra Magkanoudaki3
Niki-Katerina Sidiropoulou6
Team Totals1800
Bout #120 AugShen WeiweiCHN5 – 2Niki-Katerina SidiropoulouGRE
Bout #220 AugJeanne ChristouGRE2 – 1Zhong WeipingCHN
Bout #320 AugLi NaCHN1 – 0Dimitra MagkanoudakiGRE
Bout #420 AugZhong WeipingCHN3 – 3Niki-Katerina SidiropoulouGRE
Bout #520 AugShen WeiweiCHN3 – 0Dimitra MagkanoudakiGRE
Bout #620 AugLi NaCHN3 – 1Jeanne ChristouGRE
Bout #720 AugDimitra MagkanoudakiGRE3 – 2Zhong WeipingCHN
Bout #820 AugLi NaCHN7 – 1Niki-Katerina SidiropoulouGRE
Bout #920 AugJeanne ChristouGRE6 – 4Shen WeiweiCHN