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Lightweight, Freestyle (≤146.75 pounds), Men

Date24 July 1908
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants11 from 2 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

George de Relwyskow was the British lightweight and middleweight champion in both 1907 and 1908. He was the only wrestler to compete in two classes in catch-as-catch can wrestling at the 1908 Olympics, as he also competed, and won a silver medal, in the middleweight class.

1George de RelwyskowGBRGold
2Billy WoodGBRSilver
3Arthur GingellGBRBronze
4George MacKenzieGBR
=5John KrugUSA
=5John McKenzieGBR
=5William ShepherdGBR
=5Harry BaillieGBR
=9John HoyGBR
=9George FaulknerGBR
=9William HensonGBR

Round One (24 July 1908)

Match #1 John KrugUSA
John HoyGBR
Match #2 Billy WoodGBR
George FaulknerGBR
Match #3 George MacKenzieGBR bye
Match #4 John McKenzieGBR bye
Match #5 George de RelwyskowGBR
fall (6:04)
William HensonGBR
Match #6 William ShepherdGBR bye
Match #7 Arthur GingellGBR bye
Match #8 Harry BaillieGBR bye

Quarter-Finals (24 July 1908)

Match #1 Billy WoodGBR
fall (6:08)
John KrugUSA
Match #2 George MacKenzieGBR
fall (6:20)
John McKenzieGBR
Match #3 George de RelwyskowGBR
William ShepherdGBR
Match #4 Arthur GingellGBR
fall (10:24)
Harry BaillieGBR

Semi-Finals (24 July 1908)

Match #1 George de RelwyskowGBR
fall (7:44)
Arthur GingellGBR
Match #2 Billy WoodGBR
fall (14:41)
George MacKenzieGBR

Final Round (24 July 1908)

Match 1/2 George de RelwyskowGBR
2-0 (decision/decision)
Billy WoodGBR
Match 3/4 Arthur GingellGBR
2-0 (falls 6:44/3:20)
George MacKenzieGBR