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Middleweight, Freestyle (≤73 kilograms), Men

Date21 – 22 July 1908 — 10:00-18:00 (21 July), 15:00 (22 July)
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants12 from 3 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Stanley Bacon was the most successful of five wrestling brothers. Stanley Bacon won 15 British championships, and his other brothers brought the family total to 30. He later competed at both the 1912 and 1920 Olympics, with less success. In the semi-finals, George de Relwyskow (GBR) defeated Carl Andersson (SWE) on points, but the Swedish officials protested the decision, stating that Andersson had been the more aggressive wrestler. The controversy while the protest was being considered led the final match to be held the next day. Andersson then withdrew and refused to compete for the bronze medal.

1Stanley BaconGBRGold
2George de RelwyskowGBRSilver
3Fred BeckGBRBronze
4Carl AnderssonSWE
=5Edgar BaconGBR
=5Aubrey ColemanGBR
=5Fred NarganesUSA
=5John CraigeUSA
=9Arthur WallisGBR
=9Horace CheneryGBR
=9Gerald BradshawGBR
=9Harry ChallstorpSWE

Round One (21 July 1908)

Match #1 Aubrey ColemanGBR
fall (2:44)
Arthur WallisGBR
Match #2 Stanley BaconGBR
fall (4:48)
Horace CheneryGBR
Match #3 Fred BeckGBR bye
Match #4 Fred NarganesUSA bye
Match #5 Edgar BaconGBR
fall (1:55)
Gerald BradshawGBR
Match #6 George de RelwyskowGBR
fall (3:10)
Harry ChallstorpSWE
Match #7 Carl AnderssonSWE bye
Match #8 John CraigeUSA bye

Quarter-Finals (21 July 1908)

Match #1 Stanley BaconGBR
fall (5:17)
Aubrey ColemanGBR
Match #2 Fred BeckGBR
fall (2:49)
Fred NarganesUSA
Match #3 George de RelwyskowGBR
fall (6:30)
Edgar BaconGBR
Match #4 Carl AnderssonSWE
John CraigeUSA

Semi-Finals (21 July 1908)

Match #1 Stanley BaconGBR
fall (3:20)
Fred BeckGBR
Match #2 George de RelwyskowGBR
Carl AnderssonSWE

Final Round (22 July 1908 — 15:00)

Match 1/2 Stanley BaconGBR
2-0 (decision/decision)
George de RelwyskowGBR
Match 3/4 Fred BeckGBR walkover