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Middleweight, Freestyle (≤75 kilograms), Men

Date25 – 27 August 1920
LocationFeestzaal, Koninklijke Zoölogische Maatschappij, Antwerpen
Participants18 from 12 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament. Losing semi-finalists wrestled off for 3rd-Place.

Eino Leino of Finland defeated his countryman, Väinö Penttala, in the finals of this class. This was Penttala’s only international appearance ever. Leino competed internationally only at the Olympics, although he wrestled in the 1920, 1924, 1928 and 1932 Olympics. He won four Olympic medals – gold in 1920, silver in 1924, and bronze in 1928 and 1932.

1Eino LeinoFINGold
2Väinö PenttalaFINSilver
3Charley JohnsonUSABronze
4Angus FrantzUSA
=5Pierre DerkinderenBEL
=5Otto BorgströmSWE
=5Frits JanssensBEL
=5Gudmund GrimstadNOR
=9Edgar BaconGBR
=9Ahmed RahmyEGY
=9Stanley BaconGBR
=9Dimitrios VergosGRE
=9Otto BronSUI
=9Pierre AngelotFRA
=9Kumar NavaleIND
=9Gottfrid LindgrenSWE
=17Charles BacksmanFRA
=17Enok LopponenCAN

Round One (25 August 1920)

Match #1 Väinö PenttalaFIN
fall (7:15)
Charles BacksmanFRA
Match #2 Charley JohnsonUSA
Enok LopponenCAN

Round Two (26 August 1920)

Match #1 Väinö PenttalaFIN
Edgar BaconGBR
Match #2 Pierre DerkinderenBEL
Ahmed RahmyEGY
Match #3 Angus FrantzUSA
Stanley BaconGBR
Match #4 Otto BorgströmSWE
Dimitrios VergosGRE
Match #5 Eino LeinoFIN
fall (8:01)
Otto BronSUI
Match #6 Frits JanssensBEL
fall (2:43)
Pierre AngelotFRA
Match #7 Charley JohnsonUSA
fall (6:47)
Kumar NavaleIND
Match #8 Gudmund GrimstadNOR
Gottfrid LindgrenSWE

Quarter-Finals (27 August 1920)

Match #1 Väinö PenttalaFIN Pierre DerkinderenBEL
Match #2 Angus FrantzUSA Otto BorgströmSWE
Match #3 Eino LeinoFIN Frits JanssensBEL
Match #4 Charley JohnsonUSA Gudmund GrimstadNOR

Semi-Finals (27 August 1920)

Match #1 Väinö PenttalaFIN Angus FrantzUSA
Match #2 Eino LeinoFIN Charley JohnsonUSA

Final Round (27 August 1920)

Match 1/2 Eino LeinoFIN Väinö PenttalaFIN
Match 3/4 Charley JohnsonUSA walkover