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Welterweight, Greco-Roman (≤73 kilograms), Men

Date3 – 6 December 1956
LocationRoyal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Victoria
Participants11 from 11 countries
FormatElimination by bad points. Win by fall = 0 points; win by decision = 1 point; loss by 2-1 decision = 3 points; loss by 3-0 decision = 3 points; loss by fall = 3 points. Three judges gave decisions, thus all decisions were either 2-1 or 3-0. Five bad points eliminated a wrestler.

Soviet Vladimir Maneyev had won the 1955 World Championships, and the 1956 World Cup. He was the favorite, and made it to the final rounds, where he was joined by Sweden’s Per Berlin, silver medalist in 1952 in freestyle, and Turkey’s Mithat Bayrak. Bayrak’s only previous international experience was placing fourth at the 1955 Mediterranean Games, but he defeated Berlin in round four, and when he won a unanimous decision over Manayev in the final round, the gold medal was his. Manayev won silver based on a final round victory on points over Berlin.

Bayrak would return in 1960 at Roma and defend his title, a rare consecutive victory in the same class in Olympic wrestling. In 1959 he won silver medals at the Mediterranean Games and the Balkan Championships, but he never matched his Olympic record at other major internationals. Berlin also competed in freestyle in Melbourne, but could not repeat his medal performance at Helsinki.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCREBad Points
1Mithat BayrakTURGold
2Vladimir ManeyevURSSilver
3Per BerlinSWEBronze
4Veikko RantanenFIN
=5Siegfried SchäferGER
=5Jay HoltUSA
ACMiklós SzilvásyHUNEliminated r3/66
ACMitko PetkovBULWithdrew r3/64
ACFred MurphyAUSEliminated r2/66
ACErnst WandallerAUTEliminated r2/66
ACOddvar VargsetNORWithdrew r2/63

Round One (3 December 1956 — -)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Siegfried SchäferGER0
=1Per BerlinSWE0
=1Jay HoltUSA0
=4Mitko PetkovBUL1
=4Mithat BayrakTUR1
=4Vladimir ManeyevURS1
7Miklós SzilvásyHUN2
=8Fred MurphyAUS3
=8Ernst WandallerAUT3
=8Veikko RantanenFIN3
=8Oddvar VargsetNOR3

Match #1 Mithat BayrakTUR
decision (2-1)
Miklós SzilvásyHUN
Match #2 Mitko PetkovBUL
decision (3-0)
Oddvar VargsetNOR
Match #3 Siegfried SchäferGER
fall (5:00)
Fred MurphyAUS
Match #4 Vladimir ManeyevURS
decision (3-0)
Veikko RantanenFIN
Match #5 Per BerlinSWE
fall (1:00)
Ernst WandallerAUT
Match #6 Jay HoltUSA bye

Round Two (4 December 1956 — -)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Per BerlinSWE0
=2Mithat BayrakTUR1
=2Vladimir ManeyevURS1
=4Siegfried SchäferGER3
=4Miklós SzilvásyHUN3
=4Jay HoltUSA3
=7Mitko PetkovBUL4
=7Veikko RantanenFIN4
=9Fred MurphyAUS6eliminated
=9Ernst WandallerAUT6eliminated

Match #1 Miklós SzilvásyHUN
decision (3-0)
Jay HoltUSA
Match #2 Mithat BayrakTUR
fall (8:15)
Mitko PetkovBUL
Match #3 Veikko RantanenFIN
decision (3-0)
Siegfried SchäferGER
Match #4 Per BerlinSWE
fall (4:00)
Fred MurphyAUS
Match #5 Vladimir ManeyevURS
fall (8:20)
Ernst WandallerAUT
Match #6 bye

Round Three (5 December 1956 — -)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Per BerlinSWE0
=2Mithat BayrakTUR2
=2Vladimir ManeyevURS2
=4Veikko RantanenFIN5eliminated
=4Siegfried SchäferGER5eliminated
=6Miklós SzilvásyHUN6eliminated
=6Jay HoltUSA6eliminated

Match #1 Mithat BayrakTUR
decision (3-0)
Jay HoltUSA
Match #2 Veikko RantanenFIN
decision (3-0)
Miklós SzilvásyHUN
Match #3 Vladimir ManeyevURS
decision (2-1)
Siegfried SchäferGER
Match #4 Per BerlinSWE bye
Match #5 bye

Round Four (6 December 1956)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Vladimir ManeyevURS2
=2Per BerlinSWE3
=2Mithat BayrakTUR3

Match #1 Mithat BayrakTUR
decision (3-0)
Per BerlinSWE
Match #2 Vladimir ManeyevURS bye

Round Five (6 December 1956 — -)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Mithat BayrakTUR3
=1Vladimir ManeyevURS3
3Per BerlinSWE6

Match #1 1 2 Vladimir ManeyevURS 3
decision (3-0)
Per BerlinSWE 4
Match #2 Mithat BayrakTUR bye

Final Round (6 December 1956)

Match #1 Mithat BayrakTUR
decision (3-0)
Vladimir ManeyevURS