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Singles, Men

Date14 – 16 February 2006
LocationPalavela, Torino
Participants30 from 22 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.
Judge #1Kenji AmakoJPN
Judge #2Hermann SchulzGER
Judge #3Mona JonssonSWE
Judge #4Patrick IbensBEL
Judge #5Aleksandr PenchevBUL
Judge #6Raffaella LocatelliITA
Judge #7Jiang YibingCHN
Judge #8Nicolae BelluROU
Judge #9Aleksey ShirshovBLR
Judge #10Philippe MériguetFRA
Judge #11Steve WinklerUSA
Judge #12William ThompsonCAN

Yevgeny Plyushchenko (RUS) had been the silver medalist in 2002, but was the favorite in 2006. He had won the 2003-04 World Championships, and the 2003 and 2005-06 European Championships. With the new scoring system, Plyushchenko opened up a 10.66 lead over America’s Johnny Weir in the short program, with another contender, Switzerland’s Stéphane Lambiel, the 2005 World Champion, close behind in third. Plyushchenko also won the free skate easily, by 13+ points over Canada’s Jeff Buttle, who had been only sixth in the short. Lambiel was only fourth in the free skate, but when Weir skated poorly in the free program, he moved up to the silver medal. Buttle won the bronze, with Weir dropping to fifth place, behind another American, Evan Lysacek. Lambiel would repeat as World Champion shortly after the Olympics. Plushchenko announced he would “retire” but vowed to return in a few years to come back for Vancouver in 2010.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS258.3390.66 (1)167.67 (1)Gold
2Stéphane LambielSUI231.2179.04 (3)152.17 (4)Silver
3Jeff ButtleCAN227.5973.29 (6)154.30 (2)Bronze
4Evan LysacekUSA220.1367.55 (10)152.58 (3)
5Johnny WeirUSA216.6380.00 (2)136.63 (6)
6Brian JoubertFRA212.8977.77 (4)135.12 (7)
7Matt SavoieUSA206.6769.15 (8)137.52 (5)
8Daisuke TakahashiJPN204.8973.77 (5)131.12 (9)
9Kevin Van der PerrenBEL197.3965.36 (13)132.03 (8)
10Zhang MinCHN196.2767.39 (11)128.88 (11)
11Ilya KlimkinRUS191.8061.61 (18)130.19 (10)
12Shawn SawyerCAN190.8367.20 (12)123.63 (12)
13Emanuel SandhuCAN190.2469.75 (7)120.49 (14)
14Gheorghe ChiperROU186.1967.66 (9)118.53 (17)
15Siarhei DavydauBLR184.5964.65 (14)119.94 (16)
16Li ChengjiangCHN182.2160.23 (21)121.98 (13)
17Ivan DinevBUL180.1163.64 (15)116.47 (18)
18Tomáš VernerCZE180.0759.71 (22)120.36 (15)
19Frédéric DambierFRA177.5961.17 (19)116.42 (19)
20Anton KovalevskyiUKR172.8463.41 (16)109.43 (21)
21Stefan LindemannGER172.5760.52 (20)112.05 (20)
22Viktor PfeiferAUT163.8762.17 (17)101.70 (23)
23Kristoffer BerntssonSWE161.9559.55 (23)102.40 (22)
24Zoltán TóthHUN145.4755.07 (24)90.40 (24)
25 r1/2Karel ZelenkaITA53.46 (25)
26 r1/2Trifun ŽivanovićSCG53.40 (26)
27 r1/2Jamal OthmanSUI52.18 (27)
28 r1/2Vakht'ang MurvanidzeGEO49.68 (28)
29 r1/2Gregor UrbasSLO46.48 (29)
30 r1/2Han Jong-InPRK42.11 (30)

Short Program (14 February 2006 — 19:00)

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS90.6649.6940.970.00Q
2Johnny WeirUSA80.0040.9939.010.00Q
3Stéphane LambielSUI79.0440.6138.430.00Q
4Brian JoubertFRA77.7740.5937.180.00Q
5Daisuke TakahashiJPN73.7738.4535.320.00Q
6Jeff ButtleCAN73.2937.0137.281.00Q
7Emanuel SandhuCAN69.7533.0037.751.00Q
8Matt SavoieUSA69.1535.2233.930.00Q
9Gheorghe ChiperROU67.6637.1230.540.00Q
10Evan LysacekUSA67.5533.8034.751.00Q
11Zhang MinCHN67.3936.2931.100.00Q
12Shawn SawyerCAN67.2035.0232.180.00Q
13Kevin Van der PerrenBEL65.3633.5032.861.00Q
14Siarhei DavydauBLR64.6535.5829.070.00Q
15Ivan DinevBUL63.6434.2929.350.00Q
16Anton KovalevskyiUKR63.4133.9529.460.00Q
17Viktor PfeiferAUT62.1734.2827.890.00Q
18Ilya KlimkinRUS61.6129.9031.710.00Q
19Frédéric DambierFRA61.1730.4831.691.00Q
20Stefan LindemannGER60.5227.9432.580.00Q
21Li ChengjiangCHN60.2330.5530.681.00Q
22Tomáš VernerCZE59.7130.2529.460.00Q
23Kristoffer BerntssonSWE59.5531.3428.210.00Q
24Zoltán TóthHUN55.0729.6725.400.00Q
25Karel ZelenkaITA53.4627.9626.501.00
26Trifun ŽivanovićSCG53.4029.4423.960.00
27Jamal OthmanSUI52.1824.4627.720.00
28Vakht'ang MurvanidzeGEO49.6824.3226.361.00
29Gregor UrbasSLO46.4820.2826.200.00
30Han Jong-InPRK42.1119.5022.610.00

Free Skating (16 February 2006 — 19:00)

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS167.6785.2582.420.00
2Jeff ButtleCAN154.3076.8078.501.00
3Evan LysacekUSA152.5878.2474.340.00
4Stéphane LambielSUI152.1776.8976.281.00
5Matt SavoieUSA137.5265.8071.720.00
6Johnny WeirUSA136.6361.2775.360.00
7Brian JoubertFRA135.1262.5473.581.00
8Kevin Van der PerrenBEL132.0366.0166.020.00
9Daisuke TakahashiJPN131.1258.8273.301.00
10Ilya KlimkinRUS130.1965.9765.221.00
11Zhang MinCHN128.8865.1663.720.00
12Shawn SawyerCAN123.6355.1368.500.00
13Li ChengjiangCHN121.9866.0456.941.00
14Emanuel SandhuCAN120.4952.2770.222.00
15Tomáš VernerCZE120.3663.1457.220.00
16Siarhei DavydauBLR119.9459.0060.940.00
17Gheorghe ChiperROU118.5354.2364.300.00
18Ivan DinevBUL116.4757.9758.500.00
19Frédéric DambierFRA116.4255.9262.502.00
20Stefan LindemannGER112.0551.0562.001.00
21Anton KovalevskyiUKR109.4353.9357.502.00
22Kristoffer BerntssonSWE102.4048.3256.082.00
23Viktor PfeiferAUT101.7045.2657.441.00
24Zoltán TóthHUN90.4042.2050.202.00