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50 kilometres, Men

Date10 August 1920 — 16:30
LocationGarden City Velodroom, Wilrijk, Antwerpen
Participants31 from 10 countries

The final track race, the 50 kilometre race, was the last event held on the second day of cycling, 10 August. Thirty-one riders started with 14 finishing. Thomas Harvey of Great Britain led out the sprint at 200 metres but fell on the final straight, when he had a ½-length lead. Apparently, his rear wheel and Henry George’s (BEL) front wheel collided, causing the fall. George stayed up and went on to win. Cyril Alden hit Harvey’s fallen bike, and also fell, but was thrown over the line, and finished second, only a few centimetres behind George. Piet Ikelaar (NED) protested that he, and not Alden, had finished second but the protest was not allowed.

1Henry GeorgeBEL1-16:43.2Gold
2Albert AldenGBR15 cm. behindSilver
3Piet IkelaarNED¼ wheel behindBronze
4Ruggero FerrarioITA½ length behind
5Herb MacDonaldCAN½ length behind
6Franco GiorgettiITA½ length behind
7Bill SmithRSA¾ length behind
=8Charles CadronBEL
=8Gaston AlancourtFRA
=8Gustave De SchryverBEL
=8Jock StewartGBR
=8Primo MagnaniITA
=8Thomas HarveyGBRfell at finish
ACJean Michel MajerusLUXDNF [28.8 km.]
ACWillie BeckUSADNF [20 km.]
ACThomas JohnsonGBRDNF [16 km.]
ACJack KingAUSDNF [4 km.]
ACFélix DockxBELDNF [4 km.]
ACArie van der StelNEDDNF [4 km.]
ACAnthony YoungUSADNF [4 km.]
ACWilliam TaylorCANDNF [3.2 km.]
ACNorman WebsterCANDNF [300 m.]
ACHarold BounsallCANDNF
ACGeorges EnguerrandFRADNF
ACAnton KrijgsmanNEDDNF
ACLuigi GilardiITADNF
ACJames WalkerRSADNF