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1,000 metres Time Trial, Men

Date11 August 1948 — 17:00
LocationHerne Hill Velodrome, London
Participants21 from 21 countries
Olympic Record 1:12.0 / Arie van Vliet NED / 8 August 1936

The official world record was 1:10.0, set by Fabio Battesini in 1938. However, Jacques Dupont (FRA) had an unofficial time of 1:08.6 set at the Bordeaux track on a track sheltered by the stands. But the slow asphalt surface on the Herne Hill Velodrome kept the cyclists far slower than those times. Dupont won the event easily in 1:13.5, a full second faster than the silver medalist, Belgium’s Pierre Nihant. Dupont was only 20 but was the French champion in both the time-trial and the individual pursuit. Shortly after the Olympics he would place second in the individual pursuit World Championships. He then joined the professional peloton, and would win Paris-Tours in 1951 and 1955, the Circuit de l’Indre in 1952 and 1954, and was French national champion on the road in 1954.

1Jacques DupontFRA1:13.5Gold
2Pierre NihantBEL1:14.5Silver
3Tommy GodwinGBR1:15.0Bronze
4Hans FlückigerSUI1:15.3
5Axel SchandorffDEN1:15.5
6Sid PattersonAUS1:15.7
7Jack HeidUSA1:16.2
8Walter FreitagAUT1:16.8
9Gino GuerraITA1:17.1
10Onni KasslinFIN1:17.4
11Carlos TramútoloURU1:17.5
12Theo BlankenaauwNED1:17.7
13Jorge SobrevilaARG1:17.9
14Julio César LeónVEN1:18.1
15Lorne AtkinsonCAN1:20.2
=16Compton GonsalvesTTO1:21.5
=16Reinaldo PaseiroCUB1:21.5
18Adolfo RomeroMEX1:22.7
19Rohinton NobleIND1:22.9
20Wazir AliPAK1:24.8
21Laddie LewisGUY1:25.0