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Individual Pursuit, 4,000 metres, Men

Date16 – 17 September 2000
LocationDunc Gray Velodrome, Bass Hill, New South Wales
Participants17 from 12 countries

The format was changed from previous years. A qualifying round of 17 starters advanced only four riders to semi-final match racing, with other placements being determined by the qualifying time. The qualifying was led by 1999 World Champion Robert Bartko (GER), followed by the other advancing riders: Rob Hayles (GBR), Jens Lehmann (GER), and Bradley McGee (AUS). Bartko defeated McGee in the semis in a close race, while Lehmann easily advanced to the final against Hayles. In the final, Lehmann led early, but Bartko took over after the halfway mark, and won by just over a second, setting an Olympic record in the final, bettering the mark he had made in qualifying. Lehmann won the World Championships shortly after the Olympics, but Bartko did not compete. Bartko was World Champion again in 2005-2006, while Bradley McGee won the world title in 2002. He was hampered in Sydney because he had broken his collarbone only 10 days before the Olympics, but recovered after surgery in which the bone was stabilized with a plate and screws.

1Robert BartkoGERGold
2Jens LehmannGERSilver
3Brad McGeeAUSBronze
4Rob HaylesGBR
5Philippe GaumontFRA
6Oleksandr SymonenkoUKR
7Serhiy MatvieievUKR
8Walter PérezARG
9Luke RobertsAUS
10Mariano FriedickUSA
11Vladimir KarpetsRUS
12Christian Vande VeldeUSA
13Aleksey MarkovRUS
14Gary AndersonNZL
15Franco MarvulliSUI
16Toni TaulerESP
17Vadim KravchenkoKAZ

Qualifying Round (16 September 2000 — 18:00)

Top four advance to semi-finals.

1Robert BartkoGER4:18.972QOR
2Rob HaylesGBR4:20.996Q
3Jens LehmannGER4:21.350Q
4Brad McGeeAUS4:21.903Q
5Philippe GaumontFRA4:22.142
6Oleksandr SymonenkoUKR4:23.983
7Serhiy MatvieievUKR4:25.380
8Walter PérezARG4:30.757
9Luke RobertsAUS4:31.162
10Mariano FriedickUSA4:31.241
11Vladimir KarpetsRUS4:31.342
12Christian Vande VeldeUSA4:31.528
13Aleksey MarkovRUS4:31.589
14Gary AndersonNZL4:32.304
15Franco MarvulliSUI4:34.000
16Toni TaulerESP4:34.415
17Vadim KravchenkoKAZ4:40.410

Heat One (18:00)

1Walter PérezARG4:30.757

Heat Two

1Mariano FriedickUSA4:31.241
2Toni TaulerESP4:34.415

Heat Three

1Brad McGeeAUS4:21.903Q
2Vladimir KarpetsRUS4:31.342

Heat Four

1Gary AndersonNZL4:32.304
2Franco MarvulliSUI4:34.000

Heat Five

1Luke RobertsAUS4:31.162
2Vadim KravchenkoKAZ4:40.410

Heat Six

1Philippe GaumontFRA4:22.142
2Christian Vande VeldeUSA4:31.528

Heat Seven

1Rob HaylesGBR4:20.996Q
2Serhiy MatvieievUKR4:25.380

Heat Eight

1Jens LehmannGER4:21.350Q
2Aleksey MarkovRUS4:31.589

Heat Nine

1Robert BartkoGER4:18.972QOR
2Oleksandr SymonenkoUKR4:23.983

Semi-Finals (16 September 2000 — 21:55)

Winner of each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

1Jens LehmannGER4:23.032Q
2Rob HaylesGBR4:30.080

Heat Two

1Robert BartkoGER4:21.067Q
2Brad McGeeAUS4:22.644

Final Round (17 September 2000 — 19:40)

Match 1/2 (19:40)

1Robert BartkoGER4:18.515OR
2Jens LehmannGER4:23.824

Match 3/4 (19:30)

1Brad McGeeAUS4:19.250
2Rob HaylesGBR4:19.613