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Individual Pursuit, 3,000 metres, Women

Date17 – 18 September 2000
LocationDunc Gray Velodrome, Bass Hill, New South Wales
Participants12 from 12 countries

Marion Clignet (FRA) had been World Champion in 1999, after winning a silver medal in 1996. The defending champion, Antonella Bellutti (ITA), was back but had not placed at the Worlds since 1996. As with the men, the format was different in 2000. The 12 starters in qualifying advanced only four to semi-finals. The qualifiers included Clignet, Yvonne McGregor (GBR), and Sarah Ulmer (NZL). However, the qualifying was led by Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel, with a stunning margin of 3.066 seconds over Clignet. Zijlaard-van Moorsel had had an up and down career. In 1991 and 1993 she was World Champion on the road, won the 1992-93 Tour de France Féminine, and was World Champion in this event in 1990. But she withdrew from competition, suffering from anorexia nervosa and depression. She returned to international competition in 1998, winning the time trial World Championships in 1998-99. In Sydney she was the dominant cyclist, male or female. She won this event easily, overtaking Ulmer in the semis, and crushing Clignet in the finals by five seconds. In all, she won four cycling medals in Sydney – gold in the pursuit, the road time trial, the road race, and silver in the points race. She continued racing thru 2004, winning the pursuit World Championship in 2001-2003, and repeating as Olympic road time trial champion in Athina. Van Moorsel’s times were quite close to the World Record, which had been set in 1996 by Clignet. Back then, the )superman style) with two arms stretched in front of the rider was still allowed. This style was banned in the late 1990s, and these World Records have since been removed from the record books, but not yet in 2000.

1Leontien Zijlaard-van MoorselNEDGold
2Marion ClignetFRASilver
3Yvonne McGregorGBRBronze
4Sarah UlmerNZL
5Antonella BelluttiITA
6Judith ArndtGER
7Alayna BurnsAUS
8Erin MirabellaUSA
9Nataliya KarimovaRUS
10Lada KozlíkováCZE
11Rasa MažeikytėLTU
12María Luisa CalleCOL

Qualifying Round (17 September 2000 — 18:30)

Top four finishers advanced to semi-finals.

1Leontien Zijlaard-van MoorselNED3:31.570QOR
2Marion ClignetFRA3:34.636Q
3Yvonne McGregorGBR3:35.492Q
4Sarah UlmerNZL3:36.764Q
5Antonella BelluttiITA3:36.967
6Judith ArndtGER3:37.609
7Alayna BurnsAUS3:38.223
8Erin MirabellaUSA3:38.431
9Nataliya KarimovaRUS3:41.627
10Lada KozlíkováCZE3:43.019
11Rasa MažeikytėLTU3:43.980
12María Luisa CalleCOL3:44.395

Heat One (18:30)

1Lada KozlíkováCZE3:43.019
2María Luisa CalleCOL3:44.395

Heat Two

1Alayna BurnsAUS3:38.223
2Erin MirabellaUSA3:38.431

Heat Three

1Yvonne McGregorGBR3:35.492Q
2Nataliya KarimovaRUS3:41.627

Heat Four

1Leontien Zijlaard-van MoorselNED3:31.570QOR
2Rasa MažeikytėLTU3:43.980

Heat Five

1Antonella BelluttiITA3:36.967
2Judith ArndtGER3:37.609

Heat Six

1Marion ClignetFRA3:34.636Q
2Sarah UlmerNZL3:36.764Q

Semi-Finals (17 September 2000 — 20:45)

Winner of each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

1Marion ClignetFRA3:36.244Q
2Yvonne McGregorGBR3:38.409

Heat Two

1Leontien Zijlaard-van MoorselNED3:30.816QWR
2Sarah UlmerNZLovertaken

Final Round (18 September 2000 — 19:25)

Match 1/2 (19:25)

1Leontien Zijlaard-van MoorselNED3:33.360
2Marion ClignetFRA3:38.751

Match 3/4 (19:15)

1Yvonne McGregorGBR3:38.850
2Sarah UlmerNZL3:38.930