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Boardercross, Men

Date16 February 2006
Participants36 from 14 countries
Course SetterAlex HöllerSUI
Course BuilderJeff IhaksiCAN
DetailsFeatures: 38
Start Altitude: 1580 m
Vertical Drop: 213 m

A popular snowboarding event, which had been highlighted during ESPN’s X-Games, boardercross consists of several boarders (usually four) competing on the same race course at the same time, in a match racing format. For the Olympics, 36 boarders started, with 32 advancing to the match racing and the eighth-finals. In the match racing, the top two racers in each heat moved on to the next round. The qualifying round consisted of two runs, with the best run of the two used to determine placements. Drew Neilson (CAN) led the qualifying but in round one of match racing, he placed only third in the first heat and did not advance. Semi-final two matched three Americans and France’s Paul-Henri De Le Rue, with Delerue and Seth Wescott advancing to the final. The other surviving semi-finalists were Slovakian Radoslav Židek and Spain’s Jordi Font. The final was won comfortably by Wescott, with Židek second, giving Slovakia its first every medal at the Olympic Winter Games. The consolation final was won by Canada’s Jasey-Jay Anderson, who had competed in the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics, and in 1998 had led the giant slalom after one run. In 2009, the venerable Anderson would finally win a World Championship in boardercross. Sweden’s Jonatan Johansson placed 12th overall in what would be his final race. Shortly after the Torino Olympics ended, he died in a training accident in Lake Placid.

1Seth WescottUSAGold
2Radoslav ŽidekSVKSilver
3Paul-Henri De Le RueFRABronze
4Jordi FontESP
5Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN
6Jason SmithUSA
7Damon HaylerAUS
8Dieter KrassnigAUT
9Marco HuserSUI
10François BoivinCAN
11Tommaso TagliaferriITA
12Jonatan JohanssonSWE
13Michal NovotnýCZE
14Nate HollandUSA
15Hans-Jörg UnterrainerAUT
16Itaru ChimuraJPN
17Drew NeilsonCAN
18Xavier De Le RueFRA
19Lukas GrünerAUT
20Mateusz LigockiPOL
21Jonte GrundeliusSWE
22Rafał Skarbek-MalczewskiPOL
23Tom VelisekCAN
24Stefano PozzoliniITA
25Ueli KestenholzSUI
26Alberto SchiavonITA
27Michael LayerGER
28Mattias BlombergSWE
29Sylvain DuclosFRA
30Mario FuchsAUT
31Graham WatanabeUSA
32David SpeiserGER
33Simone MalusàITA
34Ibón IdigorasESP
35Pierre VaultierFRA
36Alex KupprionGER

Qualifying Round (16 February 2006 — 10:00)

Best run out of two, first 32 advanced to Round One.

PosNrBoarderNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
15Drew NeilsonCAN1:19.931:22.74 (4)1:19.93 (1)Q
210Marco HuserSUI1:20.261:22.39 (2)1:20.26 (2)Q
32Seth WescottUSA1:20.691:22.82 (5)1:20.69 (3)Q
427Tommaso TagliaferriITA1:20.931:23.03 (9)1:20.93 (4)Q
512Xavier De Le RueFRA1:20.971:23.42 (14)1:20.97 (5)Q
622Dieter KrassnigAUT1:21.001:24.01 (21)1:21.00 (6)Q
74Nate HollandUSA1:21.031:22.71 (3)1:21.03 (7)Q
831Jordi FontESP1:21.181:22.35 (1)1:21.18 (8)Q
919Radoslav ŽidekSVK1:21.191:30.91 (36)1:21.19 (9)Q
1016Paul-Henri De Le RueFRA1:21.211:23.00 (8)1:21.21 (10)Q
113Lukas GrünerAUT1:21.281:23.05 (10)1:21.28 (11)Q
1217Damon HaylerAUS1:21.511:24.79 (28)1:21.51 (12)Q
1324Mateusz LigockiPOL1:21.811:23.35 (13)1:21.81 (13)Q
1428Jonte GrundeliusSWE1:21.851:24.53 (26)1:21.85 (14)Q
1514Jason SmithUSA1:21.981:23.65 (15)1:21.98 (15)Q
1632Rafał Skarbek-MalczewskiPOL1:22.071:24.70 (27)1:22.07 (16)Q
1726Hans-Jörg UnterrainerAUT1:22.101:23.32 (12)1:22.10 (17)Q
1813Tom VelisekCAN1:22.121:22.83 (6)1:22.12 (18)Q
1921Stefano PozzoliniITA1:22.231:24.52 (25)1:22.23 (19)Q
209Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN1:22.271:24.25 (22)1:22.27 (20)Q
216Ueli KestenholzSUI1:22.321:23.16 (11)1:22.32 (21)Q
227Alberto SchiavonITA1:22.381:24.84 (30)1:22.38 (22)Q
2318Michael LayerGER1:22.431:23.92 (19)1:22.43 (23)Q
2429Mattias BlombergSWE1:22.481:23.98 (20)1:22.48 (24)Q
2511Sylvain DuclosFRA1:22.551:23.85 (18)1:22.55 (25)Q
261Mario FuchsAUT1:22.601:24.82 (29)1:22.60 (26)Q
2736Itaru ChimuraJPN1:22.831:25.86 (32)1:22.83 (27)Q
2834Michal NovotnýCZE1:22.921:22.92 (7)1:23.68 (34)Q
2923Graham WatanabeUSA1:22.981:24.85 (31)1:22.98 (28)Q
3015François BoivinCAN1:23.171:23.74 (16)1:23.17 (29)Q
=3120David SpeiserGER1:23.381:24.28 (24)1:23.38 (=30)Q
=3135Jonatan JohanssonSWE1:23.381:26.72 (34)1:23.38 (=30)Q
3330Simone MalusàITA1:23.531:24.27 (23)1:23.53 (32)
3433Ibón IdigorasESP1:23.561:23.80 (17)1:23.56 (33)
358Pierre VaultierFRA1:23.751:27.61 (35)1:23.75 (35)
3625Alex KupprionGER1:24.661:26.22 (33)1:24.66 (36)

Round One (16 February 2006 — 14:00)

First two of each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat 1

1Hans-Jörg UnterrainerAUTQ
2Jonatan JohanssonSWEQ
3Drew NeilsonCAN
4Rafał Skarbek-MalczewskiPOL

Heat 2

1Radoslav ŽidekSVKQ
2Jordi FontESPQ
3Mattias BlombergSWE
4Sylvain DuclosFRA

Heat 3

1Damon HaylerAUSQ
2Michal NovotnýCZEQ
3Xavier De Le RueFRA
4Ueli KestenholzSUI

Heat 4

1Jasey-Jay AndersonCANQ
2Tommaso TagliaferriITAQ
3Graham WatanabeUSA
4Mateusz LigockiPOL

Heat 5

1Seth WescottUSAQ
2François BoivinCANQ
3Stefano PozzoliniITA
4Jonte GrundeliusSWE

Heat 6

1Dieter KrassnigAUTQ
2Itaru ChimuraJPNQ
3Alberto SchiavonITA
4Lukas GrünerAUT

Heat 7

1Nate HollandUSAQ
2Paul-Henri De Le RueFRAQ
3Mario FuchsAUT
4Michael LayerGER

Heat 8

1Jason SmithUSAQ
2Marco HuserSUIQ
3Tom VelisekCAN
4David SpeiserGER

Quarter-Finals (16 February 2006 — 14:26)

First two of each heat advanced to semi-finals, third placed advanced to Final C, fourth placed advanced to Final D.

Heat 1

1Radoslav ŽidekSVKQ
2Jordi FontESPQ
3Jonatan JohanssonSWE
4Hans-Jörg UnterrainerAUT

Heat 2

1Jasey-Jay AndersonCANQ
2Damon HaylerAUSQ
3Tommaso TagliaferriITA
4Michal NovotnýCZE

Heat 3

1Seth WescottUSAQ
2Dieter KrassnigAUTQ
3François BoivinCAN
4Itaru ChimuraJPN

Heat 4

1Jason SmithUSAQ
2Paul-Henri De Le RueFRAQ
3Marco HuserSUI
4Nate HollandUSA

Semi-Finals (16 February 2006 — 14:42)

First two of each heat advanced to final, losers advanced to Final B.

Heat 1

1Radoslav ŽidekSVKQ
2Jordi FontESPQ
3Damon HaylerAUS
4Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN

Heat 2

1Paul-Henri De Le RueFRAQ
2Seth WescottUSAQ
3Jason SmithUSA
4Dieter KrassnigAUT

Final Round (16 February 2006 — 14:50)

Final A

1Seth WescottUSA
2Radoslav ŽidekSVK
3Paul-Henri De Le RueFRA
4Jordi FontESP

Final B

1Jasey-Jay AndersonCAN
2Jason SmithUSA
3Damon HaylerAUS
4Dieter KrassnigAUT

Final C

1Marco HuserSUI
2François BoivinCAN
3Tommaso TagliaferriITA
4Jonatan JohanssonSWE

Final D

1Michal NovotnýCZE
2Nate HollandUSA
3Hans-Jörg UnterrainerAUT
4Itaru ChimuraJPN