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Boardercross, Women

Date17 February 2006
Participants23 from 14 countries
Course SetterAlex HöllerSUI
Course BuilderJeff IhaksiCAN
DetailsFeatures: 38
Start Altitude: 1580 m
Vertical Drop: 213 m

A popular snowboarding event, which had been highlighted during ESPN’s X-Games, boardercross consists of several skiers (usually four) competing on the same race course at the same time, in a match racing format. For the Olympics, 23 boarders started, with 16 advancing to the match racing and the quarter-finals. In the match racing, the top two racers in each heat moved on to the next round. The qualifying round consisted of two runs, with the best run of the two used to determine placements. Losing semi-finalists raced off for 5th-8th places, while classification races were also held to determine the 9th-12th places and the 13th-16th places. The heavy favorite in women’s boardercross was American Lindsey Jacobellis, who had won the gold medal in the event at the last three X-Games. She qualified only third, as Canada’s Maëlle Ricker dominated with her second run, leading the qualifying by almost 1½ seconds over her teammate, Dominique Maltais. All three would comfortably advance to the final where they were joined by Swiss boarder Tanja Frieden. In the final, Jacobellis was leading for most of the race, coming to the last jump with a three-second lead over Frieden. But Jacobellis then hot dogged it, going for a twisting grab, and fell. Frieden passed her for the gold medal, but Jacobellis was able to recover for the silver. Jacobellis noted, “Snowboarding is fun. I was having fun.”

1Tanja FriedenSUIGold
2Lindsey JacobellisUSASilver
3Dominique MaltaisCANBronze
4Maëlle RickerCAN
5Mellie FranconSUI
6Maria DanielssonSWE
7Yuka FujimoriJPN
8Marie LaissusFRA
9Isabel ClarkBRA
10Déborah AnthoniozFRA
11Olivia NobsSUI
12Katharina HimmlerGER
13Doresia KringsAUT
14Doris GüntherAUT
15Zoë GillingsGBR
16Karine RubyFRA
17Erin SimmonsCAN
18Carmen RaniglerITA
19Dominique ValléeCAN
20Juliane BrayNZL
21Emily ThomasAUS
22Aleksandra ZhekovaBUL
23Julie PomagalskiFRA

Qualifying Round (17 February 2006 — 10:00)

Best run out of two, first 16 advanced to Round One.

PosNrBoarderNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
16Maëlle RickerCAN1:27.851:28.99 (1)1:27.85 (1)Q
24Dominique MaltaisCAN1:29.331:33.03 (13)1:29.33 (2)Q
316Lindsey JacobellisUSA1:29.511:30.89 (6)1:29.51 (3)Q
48Tanja FriedenSUI1:29.771:30.76 (5)1:29.77 (4)Q
520Maria DanielssonSWE1:30.011:30.01 (2)2:06.56 (21)Q
618Isabel ClarkBRA1:30.121:30.12 (3)1:31.49 (10)Q
714Olivia NobsSUI1:30.441:32.02 (8)1:30.44 (5)Q
813Marie LaissusFRA1:30.461:30.46 (4)1:30.99 (8)Q
910Déborah AnthoniozFRA1:30.891:31.22 (7)1:30.89 (6)Q
105Doresia KringsAUT1:30.901:45.53 (21)1:30.90 (7)Q
111Karine RubyFRA1:31.031:42.51 (20)1:31.03 (9)Q
122Zoë GillingsGBR1:31.931:46.71 (22)1:31.93 (11)Q
1317Katharina HimmlerGER1:32.151:32.15 (9)1:33.89 (17)Q
147Mellie FranconSUI1:32.301:32.31 (10)1:32.30 (12)Q
1515Yuka FujimoriJPN1:32.461:32.46 (11)1:32.63 (13)Q
1619Doris GüntherAUT1:32.581:32.58 (12)– (DNF)Q
1712Erin SimmonsCAN1:32.741:33.24 (14)1:32.74 (14)
1811Carmen RaniglerITA1:32.91– (DNF)1:32.91 (15)
1923Dominique ValléeCAN1:33.571:34.76 (16)1:33.57 (16)
2021Juliane BrayNZL1:34.451:34.45 (15)1:39.81 (20)
2122Emily ThomasAUS1:34.571:37.69 (19)1:34.57 (18)
229Aleksandra ZhekovaBUL1:35.501:36.13 (17)1:35.50 (19)
233Julie PomagalskiFRA1:36.321:36.32 (18)– (DQ)

Quarter-Finals (17 February 2006 — 14:00)

First two of each heat advanced to semi-finals, third placed advanced to Final C, fourth placed advanced to Final D.

Heat 1

1Maëlle RickerCANQ
2Marie LaissusFRAQ
3Déborah AnthoniozFRA
4Doris GüntherAUT

Heat 2

1Tanja FriedenSUIQ
2Maria DanielssonSWEQ
3Katharina HimmlerGER
4Zoë GillingsGBR

Heat 3

1Mellie FranconSUIQ
2Lindsey JacobellisUSAQ
3Isabel ClarkBRA
4Karine RubyFRA

Heat 4

1Dominique MaltaisCANQ
2Yuka FujimoriJPNQ
3Olivia NobsSUI
4Doresia KringsAUT

Semi-Finals (17 February 2006 — 14:18)

First two of each heat advanced to final, losers advanced to Final B.

Heat 1

1Maëlle RickerCANQ
2Tanja FriedenSUIQ
3Marie LaissusFRA
4Maria DanielssonSWE

Heat 2

1Lindsey JacobellisUSAQ
2Dominique MaltaisCANQ
3Mellie FranconSUI
4Yuka FujimoriJPN

Final Round (17 February 2006 — 14:27)

Final A

1Tanja FriedenSUI
2Lindsey JacobellisUSA
3Dominique MaltaisCAN
4Maëlle RickerCAN

Final B

1Mellie FranconSUI
2Maria DanielssonSWE
3Yuka FujimoriJPN
4Marie LaissusFRA

Final C

1Isabel ClarkBRA
2Déborah AnthoniozFRA
3Olivia NobsSUI
4Katharina HimmlerGER

Final D

1Doresia KringsAUT
2Doris GüntherAUT
3Zoë GillingsGBR
4Karine RubyFRA