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Moguls, Women

Date12 – 13 February 1992
Participants24 from 11 countries
Venue detailsGradient: 29°
Length: 253 m
Start Elevation: ?
Vertical Drop: ?
Width: ?

The favorite was American Donna Weinbrecht, who was 1991 World Champion and had won the moguls World Cup from 199092. Also highly considerd was France’s Raphaëlle Monod, who placed second in the 1988 demo event. Monod led the qualifying with Weinbrecht second. The final was held in a snowstorm. Weinbrecht skied conservatively, with only the fourth fastest time of the final, but was without errors, and took the lead. Monod was the final skier, but she lost control down the course and skidded across the line, placing eighth and last among the finalists. The silver medal went to Russian Yelizaveta Kozhevnikova. She had the fastest time among the finalists, but her judge’s scores dropped her below Weinbrecht.

1Donna WeinbrechtUSAGold
2Yelizaveta KozhevnikovaEUNSilver
3Stine Lise HattestadNORBronze
4Tatjana MittermayerGER
5Birgit SteinGER
6Liz McIntyreUSA
7Silvia MarciandiITA
8Raphaëlle MonodFRA
9Yvonne SeifertGER
10Yelena KorolyovaEUN
11Petra MoroderITA
12Olga LychkinaEUN
13Conny KisslingSUI
14Kari TraaNOR
15Jilly CurryGBR
16Bronwen ThomasCAN
17LeeLee Morrison-HenryCAN
18Anna KindyCAN
19Minna KarhuFIN
20Helena WallerSWE
21Ann BattelleUSA
22Maggie ConnorUSA
23Larisa UdodovaEUN
24Candice GilgFRA

Qualifying Round (12 February 1992 — 11:00)

Top 8 finishers advanced to final.

Judge #1 (Turns)Roberto GarbadeSUI
Judge #2 (Turns)Hans KasnikAUT
Judge #3 (Turns)Leo JansenNED
Judge #4 (Turns)Gunnar AasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Werner ScherriebleGER
Judge #6 (Air)Olivier GrangeFRA
Judge #7 (Air)Brian J. PitmanCAN
1Raphaëlle MonodFRA24.0913.005.5038.78Q
2Donna WeinbrechtUSA23.4813.604.5039.81Q
3Stine Lise HattestadNOR23.1112.705.0039.62Q
4Liz McIntyreUSA22.6012.804.2038.71Q
5Yelizaveta KozhevnikovaEUN22.2211.804.9039.10Q
6Tatjana MittermayerGER21.9012.204.9042.57Q
7Silvia MarciandiITA21.7212.104.8042.51Q
8Birgit SteinGER21.3211.604.8542.27Q
9Yvonne SeifertGER20.1710.504.3039.84
10Yelena KorolyovaEUN20.0110.005.4043.52
11Petra MoroderITA18.699.704.6544.83
12Olga LychkinaEUN18.048.904.3042.42
13Conny KisslingSUI17.4610.002.3040.83
14Kari TraaNOR17.309.203.8545.25
15Jilly CurryGBR16.869.403.1544.97
16Bronwen ThomasCAN16.739.403.0044.84
17LeeLee Morrison-HenryCAN16.468.503.2042.76
18Anna KindyCAN14.757.503.3546.95
19Minna KarhuFIN14.755.804.1042.34
20Helena WallerSWE14.567.702.0542.53
21Ann BattelleUSA14.517.202.8043.99
22Maggie ConnorUSA13.958.201.0543.08
23Larisa UdodovaEUN11.173.004.4047.58
24Candice GilgFRA8.742.104.4054.94

Final Round (13 February 1992)

Judge #1 (Turns)Roberto GarbadeSUI
Judge #2 (Turns)Hans KasnikAUT
Judge #3 (Turns)Leo JansenNED
Judge #4 (Turns)Gunnar AasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Werner ScherriebleGER
Judge #6 (Air)Olivier GrangeFRA
Judge #7 (Air)Brian J. PitmanCAN
1Donna WeinbrechtUSA23.6913.704.3040.51
2Yelizaveta KozhevnikovaEUN23.5012.505.1039.47
3Stine Lise HattestadNOR23.0412.005.3040.26
4Tatjana MittermayerGER22.3312.304.4040.84
5Birgit SteinGER21.4411.404.6041.79
6Liz McIntyreUSA21.2412.003.5040.27
7Silvia MarciandiITA19.669.005.0540.96
8Raphaëlle MonodFRA15.577.503.0043.72