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Moguls, Women

Date15 – 16 February 1994
LocationKanthaugen Freestyle Arena, Lillehammer
Participants24 from 13 countries
DetailsGradient: 26°
Length: 223 m
Start Elevation: 466 m
Vertical Drop: 98 m
Width: 11 m

The favorite was Donna Weinbrecht (USA), the defending gold medalist, who had won six straight World Cup events in the 1993-94 season. But a few weeks before the Lillehammer Games, she had been beaten by Norway’s Stine Lise Hattestad, the 1993 World Champion and overall World Cup Champion in 1992-93. Hattestad placed second in qualifying, which was led by American Liz McIntyre, while Weinbracht placed only sixth. The final was extremely close, but Weinbrecht was not a factor, placing seventh in her worst performance in years. Hattestad and McIntyre were almost equal. Their turns and air points were exactly equal (20.25) but Hattestad had been faster down the course by .32 seconds, earning her the gold medal by .08 points. The bronze medal went to Russian Yelizaveta Kozhevnikova who had won silver in Albertville.

1Stine Lise HattestadNOR24.91 (2)25.97 (1)Gold
2Liz McIntyreUSA25.23 (1)25.89 (2)Silver
3Yelizaveta KozhevnikovaRUS24.70 (3)25.81 (3)Bronze
4Raphaëlle MonodFRA24.16 (4)25.17 (4)
5Candice GilgFRA24.12 (5)24.82 (5)
6Tatjana MittermayerGER23.81 (7)24.43 (6)
7Donna WeinbrechtUSA23.96 (6)24.38 (7)
8Ann BattelleUSA23.63 (8)23.71 (8)
9Bronwen ThomasCAN23.40 (9)23.57 (9)
10Silvia MarciandiITA22.99 (12)23.36 (10)
11Tae SatoyaJPN23.32 (10)23.18 (11)
12Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS22.47 (14)23.12 (12)
13Minna KarhuFIN23.08 (11)23.00 (13)
14Marina CherkasovaRUS22.60 (13)22.32 (14)
15Yelena KorolyovaRUS22.23 (16)22.22 (15)
16Katherina KubenkCAN22.24 (15)21.08 (16)
17Helena WallerSWE22.05 (17)
18Sandrine VaucherSUI21.99 (18)
19Geneviève FortinCAN21.72 (19)
20Birgit Keppler-SteinGER21.39 (20)
21Larisa UdodovaUZB20.28 (21)
22Petra MoroderITA19.83 (22)
23Julie SteggallCAN18.43 (23)
24Patricia PortilloESP9.15 (24)

Qualifying Round (15 February 1994 — 12:30-14:45)

Top 16 finishers advanced to final.

Judge #1 (Turns)Hans-Ulrich MenradGER
Judge #2 (Turns)Martine KohlyFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #4 (Turns)Miki MiyazakiJPN
Judge #5 (Turns)Boris KalčićSLO
Judge #6 (Air)Paul NicholasUSA
Judge #7 (Air)Stephan MarklGER
15Liz McIntyreUSA25.2313.206.0529.42Q
221Stine Lise HattestadNOR24.9113.506.0531.83Q
38Yelizaveta KozhevnikovaRUS24.7012.905.9529.93Q
44Raphaëlle MonodFRA24.1612.805.4529.68Q
514Candice GilgFRA24.1212.805.7531.01Q
63Donna WeinbrechtUSA23.9612.305.8029.90Q
718Tatjana MittermayerGER23.8113.105.3531.80Q
822Ann BattelleUSA23.6312.305.7530.95Q
919Bronwen ThomasCAN23.4012.205.9532.23Q
101Tae SatoyaJPN23.3211.805.8030.42Q
1117Minna KarhuFIN23.0812.305.2531.17Q
127Silvia MarciandiITA22.9911.905.9532.64Q
1311Marina CherkasovaRUS22.6011.805.8033.21Q
142Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS22.4710.806.0030.62Q
156Katherina KubenkCAN22.2411.305.6532.10Q
1613Yelena KorolyovaRUS22.2311.505.8033.47Q
1724Helena WallerSWE22.0511.505.3032.24
1816Sandrine VaucherSUI21.9911.505.3032.45
1910Geneviève FortinCAN21.7210.805.4031.19
2023Birgit Keppler-SteinGER21.3910.205.3529.95
2112Larisa UdodovaUZB20.289.705.6033.29
2220Petra MoroderITA19.839.105.2531.35
239Julie SteggallCAN18.439.704.9537.91
2415Patricia PortilloESP9.154.604.5553.58

Final Round (16 February 1994 — 12:30-13:35)

Judge #1 (Turns)Hans-Ulrich MenradGER
Judge #2 (Turns)Martine KohlyFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #4 (Turns)Miki MiyazakiJPN
Judge #5 (Turns)Boris KalčićSLO
Judge #6 (Air)Paul NicholasUSA
Judge #7 (Air)Stephan MarklGER
12Stine Lise HattestadNOR25.9714.006.2529.51
21Liz McIntyreUSA25.8914.206.0529.83
33Yelizaveta KozhevnikovaRUS25.8114.105.8529.00
44Raphaëlle MonodFRA25.1713.605.9529.89
55Candice GilgFRA24.8213.605.5529.73
67Tatjana MittermayerGER24.4312.906.0030.23
76Donna WeinbrechtUSA24.3813.505.5030.79
88Ann BattelleUSA23.7112.405.7530.13
99Bronwen ThomasCAN23.5712.006.1030.45
1012Silvia MarciandiITA23.3611.805.9029.75
1110Tae SatoyaJPN23.1812.205.4030.06
1214Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS23.1211.705.9530.46
1311Minna KarhuFIN23.0012.305.6031.84
1413Marina CherkasovaRUS22.3211.405.8031.76
1516Yelena KorolyovaRUS22.2211.305.7531.57
1615Katherina KubenkCAN21.0810.305.6531.74