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Moguls, Women

Date8 – 11 February 1998
LocationIizuna Kogen Resort, Iizuna
Participants28 from 16 countries
DetailsGradient: 26.5°
Length: 250 m
Start Elevation: 1270 m
Vertical Drop: 105 m
Width: ?

The heavy favorite was France’s Candice Gilg, who had won the 1997 World Championships and was the overall World Cup leader. But in the qualifying round in Nagano she fell on her first jump and did not make it to the final. This left the competition wide open. But nobody counted on Japan’s Tae Satoya. Satoya was very popular in Japan, where her turns on the moguls were accompanied by chants of “Tae Tae”, but she was only a journeywoman competitor on the international circuit, with no podium finishes in her career prior to Nagano. But her final run earned her the highest point scores, and was the third fastest on time, which gave her the gold medal. Gilg was competing in her third Olympics, with a best finish of fifth in 1994, and she would soon end her competitive career. But Gilg would become better known as the stunt double for Sophie Marceau’s character, Elektra King, in the James Bond movie, The World is Not Enough.

1Tae SatoyaJPN22.29 (11)25.06 (1)Gold
2Tatjana MittermayerGER23.07 (=3)24.62 (2)Silver
3Kari TraaNOR22.51 (8)24.09 (3)Bronze
4Donna WeinbrechtUSA23.35 (=1)24.02 (4)
5Ann-Marie PelchatCAN23.35 (=1)23.95 (5)
6Minna KarhuFIN22.39 (10)23.83 (6)
7Aiko UemuraJPN21.82 (13)23.79 (7)
8Liz McIntyreUSA23.07 (=3)23.72 (8)
9Sandra SchmittGER22.63 (6)23.67 (9)
10Ann BattelleUSA21.24 (16)23.65 (10)
11Gabriele RauscherGER22.11 (12)23.59 (11)
12Marja ElfmanSWE23.03 (5)22.58 (12)
13Anja BolbjergDEN22.41 (9)22.09 (13)
14Sara KjellinSWE21.59 (14)21.52 (14)
15Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS22.53 (7)21.02 (15)
16Tami BradleyCAN21.28 (15)15.02 (16)
17Yelena KorolyovaRUS20.97 (17)
18Yelena VoronaRUS20.54 (18)
19Yuliya Milko-ChernomoretsBLR20.20 (19)
20Corinne BodmerSUI19.93 (20)
21Jenny EidolfSWE19.74 (21)
22Petra MoroderITA19.30 (22)
23Maria DespasAUS18.94 (23)
24Josée CharbonneauCAN18.54 (24)
25Nadezhda RadovitskayaRUS13.41 (25)
DNFKylie GillNZL– (DNF)
DNFIrina KormyshevaKAZ– (DNF)
DNFCandice GilgFRA– (DNF)

Qualifying Round (8 February 1998 — 10:30)

Top 16 finishers advanced to final.

Judge #1 (Turns)Harry GanjaCAN
Judge #2 (Turns)Martine KohlyFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Miki MiyazakiJPN
Judge #4 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Philip RichardSUI
Judge #6 (Air)Reinhard KrampflGER
Judge #7 (Air)Hans KasnikAUT
=122Donna WeinbrechtUSA23.3513.04.8333.47Q
=119Ann-Marie PelchatCAN23.3512.65.2233.42Q
=313Liz McIntyreUSA23.0713.14.7734.77Q
=311Tatjana MittermayerGER23.0712.85.0534.69Q
59Marja ElfmanSWE23.0313.34.0132.63Q
64Sandra SchmittGER22.6312.64.6233.92Q
716Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS22.5312.84.7735.75Q
82Kari TraaNOR22.5112.74.7135.19Q
914Anja BolbjergDEN22.4112.64.5234.41Q
1018Minna KarhuFIN22.3912.74.6435.40Q
1125Tae SatoyaJPN22.2912.74.3834.73Q
123Gabriele RauscherGER22.1112.44.6135.20Q
1320Aiko UemuraJPN21.8212.74.2636.16Q
1417Sara KjellinSWE21.5912.34.1034.83Q
1512Tami BradleyCAN21.2812.04.2635.53Q
1627Ann BattelleUSA21.2411.44.4534.01Q
1715Yelena KorolyovaRUS20.9711.74.9338.34
185Yelena VoronaRUS20.5411.54.5237.60
197Yuliya Milko-ChernomoretsBLR20.2011.24.0735.91
206Corinne BodmerSUI19.9311.23.3534.04
211Jenny EidolfSWE19.749.14.8332.24
2226Petra MoroderITA19.3010.63.8836.35
2324Maria DespasAUS18.949.54.7336.79
2421Josée CharbonneauCAN18.5411.62.0436.02
2523Nadezhda RadovitskayaRUS13.414.04.9037.64
DNF8Kylie GillNZL
DNF10Irina KormyshevaKAZ
DNF28Candice GilgFRA

Final Round (11 February 1998 — 12:47)

Judge #1 (Turns)Harry GanjaCAN
Judge #2 (Turns)Martine KohlyFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Miki MiyazakiJPN
Judge #4 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Philip RichardSUI
Judge #6 (Air)Reinhard KrampflGER
Judge #7 (Air)Hans KasnikAUT
16Tae SatoyaJPN25.0613.94.9532.10
214Tatjana MittermayerGER24.6213.75.0433.50
39Kari TraaNOR24.0913.05.0232.69
415Donna WeinbrechtUSA24.0213.44.7133.40
516Ann-Marie PelchatCAN23.9513.05.0333.36
67Minna KarhuFIN23.8313.44.5833.65
74Aiko UemuraJPN23.7913.14.7133.08
813Liz McIntyreUSA23.7212.94.7732.79
911Sandra SchmittGER23.6713.54.2933.50
101Ann BattelleUSA23.6513.04.3931.89
115Gabriele RauscherGER23.5913.44.4534.13
1212Marja ElfmanSWE22.5812.14.3932.59
138Anja BolbjergDEN22.0910.55.2231.38
143Sara KjellinSWE21.5210.94.5832.83
1510Lyudmila DymchenkoRUS21.0211.53.7634.04
162Tami BradleyCAN15.025.44.0734.96