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Three-Day Event, Team, Men

Date13 – 17 July 1912
LocationLindarängen, Stockholm / Stockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm / Stockholms Fältridklubbs Stadion, Stockholm
Participants27 from 7 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

After the first day of competition, Germany led with a perfect score of 60, followed by Sweden and Great Britain, which both scored 59.85. Germany continued to lead aftr the 3rd and 4th sections, scoring a perfect 90 through section three, and with 118.20 points going into the dressage. Entering the last event, the United States was in second with 117.49 points, and Sweden third with 117.07. But Sweden fared the best in the dressage to win the gold medal, Germany second and the United States third. Only four of the original seven teams had three riders finish all five phases of the competition.

Axel Nordlander46.59
Nils Adlercreutz46.31
Ernst Casparsson46.16
Henric Horn af Åminne45.85non-scoring
Harry von Rochow46.42
Richard, Count von Schaesberg-Thannheim46.16
Eduard von Lütcken45.90
Carl von Moers44.43non-scoring
3United StatesUSA137.33Bronze
Ben Lear45.91
Jack Montgomery45.88
Guy Henry45.54
Ephraim Graham45.30non-scoring
Jacques Cariou46.32
Ernest Meyer45.30
Gaston Seigner45.15
Pierre Dufour d'AstafortDQnon-scoring
ACGreat BritainGBRDNF
Paul KennaDNFDNF
Bryan LawrenceDNFDNF
Edward NashDQDNF
Herbert ScottDQDNF
Carl Adolph KraftDNFDNF
Carl Høst SaunteDNFDNF
Frode KirkebjergDNFDNF
Emmanuel de Blommaert de SoyeDQDNF
Paul CovertDNFDNF
Guy ReyntiensDQDNF
Gaston de TrannoyDNFDNF