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Team, Men

Date17 July 1912 — 13:00
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants22 from 6 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Separate competition. Maximum individual possible 190; maximum team possible 570.

The team jumping event was conducted separately from the individual competition, and on the following day. Sweden won the gold medal, led by Count Carl Gustaf Lewenhaupt whose score of 188 was the best individual performance, although equalled by Belgium’s Emanuel de Blommaert de Soye. For their victory, the Swedish team was awarded the King of Italy’s Challenge Prize.

PosCompetitorsHorseNOCPointsTime Fault/Other FaultsTime
Gustaf Lewenhaupt Medusa1880/23:36.0
Gustaf Kilman Gåtan1800/103:45.0
Hans von Rosen Lord Iron1772/113:51.0
Fredrik Rosencrantz Drabant1716/134:03.0non-scoring
Pierre Dufour d'Astafort Amazone1850/53:37.0
Jacques Cariou Mignon1820/83:38.0
Ernest Meyer Allons-y1712/173:51.0
Gaston Seigner Cocotte1700/203:26.0non-scoring
Sigismund Freyer Ultimus1810/93:22.0
Wilhelm, Graf von Hohenau Pretty Girl1770/133:14.0
Ernst Deloch Hubertus1720/183:42.0
Friedrich Karl, Prinz von Preußen Gibson Boy1660/243:23.0non-scoring
4United StatesUSA5270/43
Jack Montgomery Deceive1800/103:31.0
Guy Henry Chiswell1740/163:42.0
Ben Lear Poppy1730/173:36.0
Aleksandr Rodzyanko Eros1760/143:31.0
Mikhail Pleshkov Yvette1720/183:39.6
Aleksey Selikhov Tugela1722/163:53.0
Dmitry, Grand Duke Pavlovich Unité1690/213:06.8non-scoring
Emmanuel de Blommaert de Soye Clonmore1880/23:30.0
Gaston de Trannoy Capricieux1620/283:44.0
Paul Covert La Sioute1602/283:50.4