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Team, Open

Date16 – 19 October 1964
LocationKaruizawa Equestrian Venue, Karuizawa, Nagano
Participants48 from 12 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

The event was held concurrently with the individual competition. Teams consisted of four riders with the best three total scores counting towards the team score, thus, each nation had to have three riders complete all three phases. Nine teams completed the event. Italy had never won a medal in this event, even at Roma in 1960, but in Tokyo they won the gold medal. This was based on their endurance phase which put them ahead entering the jumping, with a third-place in the jumping phase securing the gold. Great Britain led after dressage, but could not finish the endurance course. After two phases Germany was second to Italy, with the United States third, but the US was second in jumping to move up to the silver medal, as Germany took bronze.

1ItalyITA85.80-179.00 (7)294.80 (1)-20.00 (3)Gold
Mauro Checcoli Surbean64.40-54.00118.400.00
Paolo Angioni King17.87-65.33103.20-20.00
Giuseppe Ravano Royal Love3.53-69.6773.200.00
Alessandro Argenton ScottieDNF-59.67-65.20DNFnon-scoring
2United StatesUSA65.86-138.00 (2)231.20 (4)-10.00 (2)Silver
Michael Page Copper Coin/Grasshopper47.40-43.0090.400.00
Kevin Freeman Gallopade17.13-69.6796.80-10.00
J. Michael Plumb Bold Minstrel1.33-42.6744.000.00
Lana duPont Mr. Wister-223.93-52.33-141.60-30.00non-scoring
3Unified Team of GermanyGER56.73-139.00 (3)238.40 (3)-40.00 (=5)Bronze
Fritz Ligges Donkosak49.20-32.0091.20-10.00
Horst Karsten Condora36.60-49.0095.60-10.00
Gerhard Schulz Balza, X-29.07-60.6751.60-20.00
Karl-Heinz Fuhrmann Mohamet-50.00-58.0038.00-30.00non-scoring
4IrelandIRL42.86-180.67 (8)275.20 (2)0.00 (1)
Tony Cameron Black Salmon46.53-70.67117.200.00
Tommy Brennan Kilkenny1.13-57.6758.800.00
John Harty San Michele-4.80-84.0099.20-20.00
Harry Freeman-Jackson St. Finbarr-68.73-52.33-16.400.00non-scoring
5Soviet UnionURS-19.63-169.33 (6)203.20 (6)-50.50 (8)
German Gazyumov Gran23.47-57.3380.80
Boris Konkov Rumb-10.97-63.6753.20-0.50
Pavel Deyev Satrap-32.13-61.3369.20-40.00
Saybattal Mursalimov Dzhigit-53.87-50.676.80-10.00non-scoring
6ArgentinaARG-34.80-164.00 (5)167.20 (7)-30.00 (4)
Carlos Moratorio Chalan56.40-42.0098.400.00
Elvio Flores Legitima-2.73-68.3375.60-10.00
Juan Gesualdi Morrina-88.47-61.67-6.80-20.00
Julio Henry ImperiosoDNF-60.33-113.80DNFnon-scoring
7AustraliaAUS-67.27-188.00 (9)230.80 (5)-40.00 (=5)
Bill Roycroft Eldorado32.20-65.0097.200.00
Brien Cobcroft Stony Crossing8.40-100.00118.40-10.00
John Kelly Brigalow-107.87-64.67-13.20-30.00
Neale Lavis MirrabookaDNF-58.3315.20DNFnon-scoring
8FranceFRA-133.87-159.67 (4)91.80 (8)-60.00 (9)
Jack Le Goff Leopard-37.87-52.6754.80-40.00
Jean de Croutte de Saint Martin Mon Clos-38.47-62.6734.20-10.00
Hugues Landon Laurier-57.53-50.332.80-10.00
Jéhan Le Roy GardenDNF-56.67DNFnon-scoring
9MexicoMEX-374.14-197.00 (10)-126.80 (9)-50.00 (7)
José González Condor-36.40-66.0069.60-40.00
Eduardo Higareda Engano-159.67-61.67-88.00-10.00
Manuel Mendívil Xihuilt-178.07-69.67-108.400.00
Joaquín Madrigal PrincipianteDNF-69.33DNFnon-scoring
DNFGreat BritainGBR-130.34 (1)– (DNF)
Richard Meade Barberry29.73-52.67118.40
Ben Jones Master Bernard26.20-35.0091.20
James Templer M'Lord ConnollyDNF-42.67DNF
Michael Bullen Sea BreezeDNF-54.33DNF
DNFJapanJPN-209.00 (11)– (DNF)
Mikio Chiba Mauta-268.47-63.67-174.80
Masaki Matsudaira NippoDNF-73.33DNF
Rikutoshi Maeda HogetsuDNF-76.00DNF
Masanori Katsumoto EitenDNF-72.00DNF
DNFRepublic of KoreaKOR-252.00 (12)– (DNF)
Jo Hyeong-Won GeneralDNF-81.00DNF
Seo Myeong-Won MarshallDNF-84.33DNF
Kim Yeong-Ro MudgeogongahDNF-86.67DNF
Kim Mun-Sik Silver Moon LightDNF-91.17DNF