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Individual, Open

Date25 October 1968 — 14:00
LocationCampo Marte, Bosque de Chapultepec, Ciudad de México
Participants26 from 9 countries
FormatTwo rounds, total score to determine placement.

As in 1964 there was a preliminary round with riders advancing to a final round, although seven riders advanced in 1968 as opposed to six in 1964. The final score of the top seven consisted of their total score in both rounds. The program consisted of 33 movements. West German Josef Neckermann had a seemingly insurmountable lead after the preliminary round, 40 points ahead of Soviet Ivan Kizimov, but when Neckermann opened the final round, there was some noise in the audience and his mount, Mariano, became nervous and rode poorly. They would place last in the final and drop back to second, with Kizimov having by far the best final round to win the gold medal. Neckermann’s teammate Reiner Klimke won the bronze medal. Klimke would repeat as bronze medalist in 1976 and win gold in this event in 1984. In his Olympic dressage career from 1960-88, he won eight medals, with six golds, five in the team event. Neckermann competed at the Olympics from 1960-72, winning six medals, two of each color. He is considered to have been one of the wealthiest private citizen Olympians ever.

1Ivan KizimovIkhorURS1,572908 (2)664 (1)Gold
2Josef NeckermannMarianoFRG1,546948 (1)598 (7)Silver
3Reiner KlimkeDuxFRG1,537896 (3)641 (2)Bronze
4Ivan KalitaAbsentURS1,519879 (4)640 (3)
5Horst KöhlerNeuschneeGDR1,475875 (5)600 (5)
6Yelena PetushkovaPepelURS1,471870 (6)601 (4)
7Gustav FischerWaldSUI1,465866 (7)599 (6)
8Liselott LinsenhoffPiaffFRG855855 (8)
9Henri ChammartinWolfdietrichSUI845845 (9)
10Marianne GossweilerStephanSUI836836 (10)
11Domini LawrenceKarat/San FernandoGBR793793 (11)
12Gerhard BrockmüllerTristanGDR789789 (12)
13Lorna JohnstoneEl GuapoGBR777777 (13)
14Johanna HallConversano CapriceGBR762762 (14)
15Inez Fischer-CredoMariusCAN732732 (15)
=16Guillermo SquellaColchaguinoCHI693693 (=16)
=16Wolfgang MüllerMariosGDR693693 (=16)
18Federico SerranoMarkoMEX689689 (18)
19Christilot HansonBonheurCAN677677 (19)
20Antonio PiraínoCiclónCHI672672 (20)
21Kyra DowntonKadettUSA657657 (21)
22Patricio EscuderoPreteCHI650650 (22)
23Edith MasterHeliosUSA646646 (23)
24Donnan PlumbAttacheUSA616616 (24)
25Zoltan SztehloVirtuoseCAN603603 (25)
26Julio HerreraOtardMEX537537 (26)

Qualifying Round

Date25 October 1968
FormatQualifying round scores from team event. Top seven advance to final round.
1Josef NeckermannMarianoFRG948Q
2Ivan KizimovIkhorURS908Q
3Reiner KlimkeDuxFRG896Q
4Ivan KalitaAbsentURS879Q
5Horst KöhlerNeuschneeGDR875Q
6Yelena PetushkovaPepelURS870Q
7Gustav FischerWaldSUI866Q
8Liselott LinsenhoffPiaffFRG855
9Henri ChammartinWolfdietrichSUI845
10Marianne GossweilerStephanSUI836
11Domini LawrenceKarat/San FernandoGBR793
12Gerhard BrockmüllerTristanGDR789
13Lorna JohnstoneEl GuapoGBR777
14Johanna HallConversano CapriceGBR762
15Inez Fischer-CredoMariusCAN732
=16Guillermo SquellaColchaguinoCHI693
=16Wolfgang MüllerMariosGDR693
18Federico SerranoMarkoMEX689
19Christilot HansonBonheurCAN677
20Antonio PiraínoCiclónCHI672
21Kyra DowntonKadettUSA657
22Patricio EscuderoPreteCHI650
23Edith MasterHeliosUSA646
24Donnan PlumbAttacheUSA616
25Zoltan SztehloVirtuoseCAN603
26Julio HerreraOtardMEX537

Final Round

Date25 October 1968
1Ivan KizimovIkhorURS664
2Reiner KlimkeDuxFRG641
3Ivan KalitaAbsentURS640
4Yelena PetushkovaPepelURS601
5Horst KöhlerNeuschneeGDR600
6Gustav FischerWaldSUI599
7Josef NeckermannMarianoFRG598