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Individual, Open

Date25 – 27 July 1980
LocationKonnosportivny kompleks profsoyuzov, Bittsevsky park, Moskva
Participants28 from 7 countries
FormatDressage, cross-country, and jumping.

There were only 28 starters from seven nations, with only Italy having a significant international equestrian history. Even India fielded a team, which had never before competed in Olympic equestrianism. Italy’s Federico Roman won the gold medal by taking the lead in the endurance phase, and missing only one fence in the jumping. Soviet riders went 2-3-4 – Aleksandr Blinov winning silver, Yury Salnikov bronze, and Valery Volkov placing fourth. At the Fontainebleau Eventing Festival in Paris, Denmark’s Nils Haagensen won the title, followed by American Jimmy Wofford and Torrance Watkins.

1Federico RomanITARossinan-108.60Gold
2Aleksandr BlinovURSGalzun-120.80Silver
3Yury SalnikovURSPintset-151.60Bronze
4Valery VolkovURSTskheti-184.60
5Tsvetan DonchevBULMedisson-185.80
6Mirosław SzłapkaPOLErywan-241.80
7Anna CasagrandeITADaleye-266.20
8Mauro RomanITADourakine 4-281.40
9Marina SciocchettiITARohan de Lechereo-308.40
10Manuel MendívilMEXRemember-319.75
11Sergey RogozhinURSGelespont-338.80
12David BárcenaMEXBombona-362.50
13Jacek WierzchowieckiPOLBastion-411.80
14László CseresnyésHUNFapipa-436.20
15José Luis Pérez SotoMEXQuelite-490.60
16István GróznerHUNBiboros-498.60
17Zoltán HorváthHUNLamour-668.60
ACDimo KhristovBULBogezDNF
ACStanisław JasińskiPOLHangarDNF
ACDzhenko SabevBULNormativDNF
ACFabián VázquezMEXCocalecoDNF
ACMihály OláhHUNAdosDNF
ACTrifon DatsinskiBULMentor-2DNF
ACMuhammad KhanINDI-Am-ItDNF
ACDarya SinghINDBobbyDNF
ACJitendarjit Singh AhluwaliaINDShiwalikDNF
ACJacek DanilukPOLLenDNF
ACHussain KhanINDRajdootDNF