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Team, Open

Date31 July 1980 — 09:00
LocationKonnosportivny kompleks profsoyuzov, Bittsevsky park, Moskva
Participants12 from 4 countries
FormatThree rider teams, all three scores to count. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

Only four teams were entered, and the event was basically a junior varsity competition. The Soviets won the gold medal, followed by Bulgaria and Romania, with Poland in fourth. This is the only equestrian medal ever won by Bulgaria at the Olympics, while Romania did win a silver medal in 1936 in individual jumping. At the Goodwood Dressage Festival, held concurrently with the Olympics, West Germany, the pre-eminent nation in this discipline, won the gold medal, followed by Switzerland and Denmark.

1Soviet UnionURS4,383Gold
Yury KovshovIgrok1,588
Viktor UgryumovShkval1,541
Vera MisevichPlot1,254
Petar MandadzhievSchibor1,244
Svetoslav IvanovAleko1,19
Georgi GadzhevVnimatelen1,146
Anghel DonescuDor1,255
Dumitru VelicuDecebal1,076
Petre RoșcaDerbist1,015
Józef ZagorHelios1,061
Elżbieta MorciniecSum954
Wanda WąsowskaDamask930