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Individual, Open

Date 3 August 1980 — 08:00
LocationBolshaya arena, Tsentralny stadion imeni V.I. Lenina, Moskva
Participants16 from 7 countries
FormatTwo rounds. Total score for both rounds determined placement.

Only 16 riders and horses started and none of them were among the world’s elite jumpers. In round one four riders led with only 4.00 faults, but Poland’s Jan Kowalczyk also had only 4.00 faults in round two to win the gold medal. Soviet Nikolay Korolkov had 4 and 5.5 faults in the two rounds to win silver, while the bronze medal came down to a jump-off between Mexican Joaquín Pérez and Guatemalan Oswaldo Méndez. Both had 4.00 faults in the jump-off but Pérez won the bronze medal with a narrow win based on time, 43.23 to 43.59 seconds.

The Rotterdam Show Jumping Festival was held for teams and riders not competing in Moskva, and had 38 starters from 18 nations. The title there was won by Austrian Hugo Simon, with Britain’s John Whitaker second, and American Melanie Smith third.

1Jan KowalczykPOLArtemor8.00Gold
2Nikolay KorolkovURSEspadron9.50Silver
3Joaquín PérezMEXAlymony12.004.0043.23Bronze
4Oswaldo MéndezGUAPampa12.004.0043.59
5Viktor PoganovskyURSTopky15.50
6Wiesław HartmanPOLNorton16.00
7Barnabás HevesyHUNBohem24.00
8Marian KozickiPOLBremen24.50
9Vyacheslav ChukanovURSGepatit24.75
10Boris PavlovBULMontblanc26.50
11Alberto Valdés LacarraMEXLady Mirka28.00
12Christopher WegeliusFINMonday Morning30.25
13Nikola DimitrovBULVals36.25
14Ferenc KrucsóHUNVadrozsa40.25
DNFDimitar GenovBULMakbet
DQJesús GómezMEXMassacre

Round One (3 August 1980 — 08:00)

=1Wiesław HartmanPOLNorton4.00
=1Jan KowalczykPOLArtemor4.00
=1Nikolay KorolkovURSEspadron4.00
=1Viktor PoganovskyURSTopky4.00
=5Oswaldo MéndezGUAPampa8.00
=5Joaquín PérezMEXAlymony8.00
=7Alberto Valdés LacarraMEXLady Mirka12.00
=7Marian KozickiPOLBremen12.00
=7Vyacheslav ChukanovURSGepatit12.00
=10Boris PavlovBULMontblanc16.00
=10Christopher WegeliusFINMonday Morning16.00
=10Barnabás HevesyHUNBohem16.00
=10Ferenc KrucsóHUNVadrozsa16.00
14Nikola DimitrovBULVals24.00
DNFDimitar GenovBULMakbet
DQJesús GómezMEXMassacre

Round Two (3 August 1980 — 08:00)

=1Oswaldo MéndezGUAPampa4.00
=1Joaquín PérezMEXAlymony4.00
=1Jan KowalczykPOLArtemor4.00
4Nikolay KorolkovURSEspadron5.50
5Barnabás HevesyHUNBohem8.00
6Boris PavlovBULMontblanc10.50
7Viktor PoganovskyURSTopky11.50
8Wiesław HartmanPOLNorton12.00
9Nikola DimitrovBULVals12.25
10Marian KozickiPOLBremen12.50
11Vyacheslav ChukanovURSGepatit12.75
12Christopher WegeliusFINMonday Morning14.25
13Alberto Valdés LacarraMEXLady Mirka16.00
14Ferenc KrucsóHUNVadrozsa24.25